Welcome to the Fall 2014 Run For Your Life Youth Group

"Name to be determined by the group"

We Meet Every Tuesday Evening, 6:00pm at the Timken Community Centre


This group is open to all children and sponsored membership are available to anyone in need.


Monthly Race (optional):

West Lorne Optimist Road Race

Run For Mental Health


New Years Eve

Registration Fees

1st Child

Sep 2 - Dec 16 $50.00

Each additional Child

Sep 2 - Dec 16 $30.00

Sponsored membership

We have sponsored memberships available for any child in need. Just register here... no questions asked.

Sep 2 - Dec 16 FREE

Event Schedule

  • March 4 6:00 PM EST - Run Group Starts

  • March 4 6:30 PM EST - Post Run Stretching

Contact Information

Event Location

2 Third Avenue, St. Thomas, ON, N5R 0A7

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