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Sick Kid's Foundation - Gabrielle's Ride Pediatric Stroke Fund

Raise money for Sick Kid's Foundation - Gabrielle's Ride Pediatric Stroke Fund

Funds raised by this event will support the Gabrielle's Ride Pediatric Stroke Fund at the SickKids Foundation and will be used for life saving research, the development of social programs, and the support of families affected by congenital heart disease and pediatric stroke. Gabrielle's Ride will share her story of passion and hope through our commitment to the children who share her challenges ever day.

Charity receipts will be issued by the SickKids Foundation at the end of the event.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information


Raised: $10,695.00

Nolen's Champions

Raised: $2,555.00

The Dream Team

Raised: $2,135.00

The Rolling Riders

Raised: $1,865.23

Team Lemonade

Raised: $1,661.60

Team Muffin

Raised: $940.00

Jacob's Journey

Raised: $680.00

Steward Family

Raised: $515.00

KPMG Ridin' Survivin

Raised: $500.00


Raised: $500.00

Farnham Company

Raised: $485.00

Riding for Riley

Raised: $465.00

Butler Balcers Network

Raised: $445.00

Dynamic Health & Performance

Raised: $310.00


Raised: $190.00

Training wheel bandits

Raised: $175.00

The Ususal Suspects

Raised: $150.00

Cycle Oakville

Raised: $125.00

Team Kalirai

Raised: $100.00

Summer's Sweet Riders

Raised: $70.00


Raised: $20.00


Raised: $20.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 03 John Holman $50.00