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Minds in Motion Shoe Fund

Raise money for Minds in Motion Shoe Fund

The Minds In Motion Initiative Shoe Fund is coordinated by our charitable partner Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health Inc.. Our charitable partner, Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health is a recovery-oriented, community-integrated agency that focuses on improved quality of life and enhanced independence for people experiencing mental health issues by providing access to affordable housing and flexible, individualized supports.

All funds donated through this site will go toward the purchase of well fitted athletic shoes for those individuals throughout our region who are on fixed incomes due to serious mental illness and are actively exercising to help to cope with their symptoms.  Recovery from mental illness and a return to an engaged life in the community is a step by step process that is supported by an active and healthy lifestyle. Over the past 7 years our fund has provided close to 1,000 pairs of shoes. Your support brings ongoing inspiration and motivation for these worthy athletes.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Michael

Raised: $3,075.00

Piece of Mind

Raised: $2,065.00

Families Touched By Suicide

Raised: $1,475.00

Waterloo Regional Homes

Raised: $1,001.00

Walk On Strong

Raised: $950.00

WLU Community Psychology Program

Raised: $350.00


Raised: $200.00


Raised: $195.00

Team Nicholas

Raised: $175.00

Innovative Wellness

Raised: $150.00

The Rack Pack

Raised: $125.00


Raised: $100.00

Team KW Pilates

Raised: $100.00

Laura's Ladies

Raised: $100.00

Traverse Independence

Raised: $25.00

CMHA-WWD Walk N' Roll

Raised: $10.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 11 Anonymous $40.00
May 10 Vani Chiarotto $100.00
May 10 John Pallotto $25.00
May 10 Gerry Morris $100.00
May 10 John Bouda $25.00
May 10 Ann Busby $100.00
May 10 Kassandra Cator $25.00
May 10 Patricia Dennison $50.00
May 10 Martyn Danby $25.00