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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Mike Tancsa Waterloo, CA Ultimate $1,525.00
Valery Hobson Kitchener, CA Ultimate $1,386.00
Deirdre Large Waterloo, CA Ultimate $875.00
Derek Hergott Waterloo, CA Ultimate $810.00
Maryanne Turner Cambridge, CA Ultimate $625.00
Wilf Goron Wheatley, CA Ultimate $275.00
Jenny-lynn Fortin Val Caron, CA Ultimate $110.00
K. Bill Dost Burlington, CA Ultimate $100.00
Aaron Anderson Merrickville, CA Ultimate $0.00
Aaron Mailman Waterloo, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Adam Dixon St Jacobs, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Adam Hortian Kitchener, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Ahmed Ahmed Waterloo, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Aidan Rutherford Waterloo, CA Guest $0.00
Alan Burvill Richmond Hill, CA Guest $0.00
Alexander Dos Santos Oakville, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Alexandra Garner Toronto, CA Ultimate $0.00
Ali Meuse London, CA Guest $0.00
Amanda Booth Kitchener, CA Ultimate $0.00
Amy Robitaille Rockwood, CA Guest $0.00
Andrea Sweny Kitchener, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Andrea Sweny Kitchener, CA Guest $0.00
Andrea Kaufman Elmira, CA Relay Team Members $0.00
Andrew Heij Waterloo, CA Guest $0.00
Andrew Weinacht New Dundee, CA Ultimate $0.00

Event Location

Conestogo, ON, Canada

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