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Battle of Waterloo II 2015
The Battles Continue in 2015

In 2015, there will be two Battles!    Battle of Waterloo II   and   Battle of Waterloo III

Separate registration is required for each Battle.  Battle II has longer distances, and Battle III has all 5 KM distances.  Why not try both Battles!

Battle II

Results. LEG 1 | LEG 2 | LEG 3

CLICK HERE for the 2015 Contenders.

The enhanced RunWaterloo experience continues with the RunWaterloo series awards competition.  It's time-based (total time of all three events) and consists of these three events:

The Battle of Waterloo II:

  • 2nd Annual Baden Road Race 7 Mile (link)
  • 38th Annual Waterloo Classic 10 KM (link)
  • 2nd Annual Harvest Half Marathon (link)

This battle is composed of three longer races in the Waterloo Running Series.  In future years, the combination, number, and distances of the BOW events will change!  

It costs $15, which includes an exclusive BOW II mug and a finisher's medal.  Winners of each 10 year age group will also be recognized.  We will provide up-to-date results, stories, and we hope to build something special for years to come!

You can read the full announcement here and register for all 2015 RunWaterloo events here.  

Registration fees

Battle of Waterloo II Closed

This Individual series consists of: Baden Road Race 7 Mile & Waterloo Classic 10 KM & Harvest Half Marathon. Separate event registrations are required.

  1. $15.00
    Dec 8 - May 9


You must register separately for each of the BOW II race distances to be eligible.  You don't need to have registered for each event at the time you register for the Battle of Waterloo, if for example, you wait until a future point in time to register for each race as a family.  Register for all these events and save with the Series Discount here.

Failure to register for any race is a forfeit of the BOW II registration.  Failure to finish any race is a forfeit of the BOW II eligibility.  You must register for and run each of the three specified races to earn the finisher's medal.

The deadline to register for the Battle of Waterloo II is Saturday May 9, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. 

The Mugs will be given out at Waterloo Classic kit pickup.  Finishers medals will be given out after the Harvest Half Marathon, only to runners who have eligible total times from all three of the events.

Awards to: Overall and Age groups, which are based on age as of Dec 31, 2015:

  • 1996 onward: 19 and under
  • 1986-1995: 20-29
  • 1976-1985: 30-39
  • 1966-1975: 40-49
  • 1956-1965: 50-59
  • 1955 and before: 60 plus

BOW II entries are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deferrable.

Event Schedule

  • May 9 9:30 AM EDT - Registration Deadline (prior to start of Baden Road Races 7 Mile)

  • June 21 9:00 AM EDT - Mug Distribution (Waterloo Classic kit)

  • September 19 11:00 AM EDT - Series Awards (Harvest Half Marathon Awards ceremony)

Contact Information

Event Location

Waterloo, ON, Canada

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