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The LPC Guelph Drafting Clinic is targeted for Youth/Jr/U23/Elite Triathletes who wish to be evaluated for their draft-legal certification, and/or acquire tips for draft-legal triathlon competition.


James Loaring, Mark Linseman, Alexandra Coates, David Sharratt

Participants (limited to 30):
Youth/Junior/U23/Elite Triathletes
Must be an annual member of Triathlon Ontario
Minimum age to participate is 12 as of 31Dec2015

LPC Headquarters, 298 Colonial Drive, Guelph ON N1L 0G4

Note: the clinic will still take place outdoors if it is raining.  The clinic may be delayed in the event of excessive downpour.  The clinic will be delayed or rescheduled in the event of thunder and/or lightning.  We anticipate the clinic to complete by 3:30pm if there are not any significant weather delays. 

Draft Cert: Attending this clinic does not by any means guarantee that you will obtain your drafting certification. This clinic is a one-day evaluation. It is strongly recommended that all participants frequently practice group riding, and basic bike-handling skills and drills prior to attending this clinic.

Mandatory Gear To Bring:
Bike in good working order that complies with draft-legal racing
Change of clothing for bike workout in case of rain
Cycling Gloves
Gear for changing a potential flat tire: spare tube, tire levers, CO2 cartridges or hand pump
Bike Helmet 
Bike shoes
Racing flats (equipped with elastic laces) for use during Transition Practice

Lunch and 2 water bottles (one filled with sport drink)

Registration fees

LPC Guelph Drafting Clinic Closed

Registration closed
    1. $40.00
      Dec 15 – Jan 31
    2. $45.00
      Feb 1 – Apr 30
    3. $50.00
      May 1 – May 28

About the Instructors:

Coach James Loaring
Head Coach of LPC. NCCP Certified Triathlon Competition Coach. Triathlon Ontario Certified Draft-Legal Instructor. Triathlete since 1993. Professional Triathlete 2002-2009. Triathlon Coach since 2003. Awarded Triathlon Canada Age Group Coach of the Year. Recipient of the Triathlon Ontario Mr. Triathlete award. Participated in numerous ITU World Cups and Pan-American Cup Triathlons between 2002 and 2009. 
View Coach James' profile here

Coach Mark Linseman
LPC Triathlon Coach. NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach. Elite triathlete with 16 years of triathlon experience. Master's degree in Exercise Nutrition and Metabolism.  Performance Nutrition Consultant at the University of Guelph. Conducts laboratory and field analyses on triathletes and other endurance athletes to create and modify race-day hydration and nutrition plans.
View Coach Mark's profile here

Coach Alexandra Coates

LPC Triathlon Coach. RTC-Guelph Athlete. Currently racing as an Elite Canadian Triathlete on the ITU circuit. Director and coach of various triathlon clinics for adults and children, since 2012. 3rd Canadian at 2014 Triathlon Canada Elite Nationals. Member of the National Development Team, 2011-2013.

View Coach Alex’s profile here

Draft Cert Process:

All athletes wishing to race in a draft legal event must possess a "drafting card" prior to competing.  Presentation of a drafting card to race directors ensures that the athlete is capable of racing in a drafting situation without being a risk to themselves or the other participants.

To get an Ontario Drafting Card applicants must

  • be 12 years of age or older
  • be screened by an NCCP certified Level 2 (Comp. Intro) Cycling Coach or a NCCP Triathlon Coach who has taken additional training in draft legal cycling and is included on Triathlon Ontario's qualified list
  • Submit the application to the Triathlon Ontario office.  Only complete applications will be accepted.
  • Triathlon Ontario will confirm that the athlete has met the requirements as set out for their category.
  • Triathlon Ontario staff will issue a laminated Drafting Card to the athlete. A minimum of 30 days is required to process drafting cards

Drafting Cards will be valid for a period of 3 years, including the season it is issued eg.  a drafting card issued in 2013 will be valid for the 2013, 2014, 2015 seasons.  The athlete must reapply in 2016

Renewals - Once carded athletes must submit a renewal form every 3 years.  In order to renew a drafting card the athlete must have completed 5 draft legal events in the previous 3 year period.
Failure to complete the minimum number of events will necessitate re-qualification.

All applications and renewal forms must be submitted to:

Triathlon Ontario
205- 3 Concorde Gate
North York, ON  M3C 3N7

More info from the Triathlon Ontario website:

Event Schedule

  • May 28 11:59 PM EDT - Online Registration Closes

  • May 30 8:40 AM EDT - Arrive, set-up bike, register, bike check

  • May 30 9:00 AM EDT - Introduction

  • May 30 9:15 AM EDT - Bike-Handling Skills

  • May 30 12:00 PM EDT - Snack break and Discussion (bring your own snack and fluids). Sport drink/bars available.

  • May 30 12:45 PM EDT - Group Riding, Transition Practice

  • May 30 3:15 PM EDT - Wrap-up

Contact Information

Event Location

298 Colonial Drive, Guelph, ON, Canada

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