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Slipstream Cycling Challenge for Charity

This is essentially a relay event bringing the Mountain Bikers and Road Cyclists together in teams of no less than 2 and no more than 4 members. The race starts at Samaan Park Chaguaramas with two Mountain Bikers representing each team and covering a 5-mile mountain bike course. At the completion of this course, they hand over their transponders to their Road Cycling team members, who in turn will complete a road circuit of approximately 13 miles and at completion, return the transponders to their Mountain Bike team member. This is repeated three times and participants would be covering a total distance of 39 miles and 16 miles for Road Cyclist and Mountain Bikers, respectively. 

The registration fee shall be US$89.00 regardless of the number of participants in the team. The full proceeds of the registration fees collected shall be donated to the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home.

Registration fees

2 Person Team Sign Up Closed

USD- The Fees listed are per participant

3 Person Team Sign Up Closed

USD-The Fees listed are per participant

4 Person Team Sign up Closed

USD-The Fees listed are per participant

Come out September 11th!

Mountain Bike Course

Road Bike Circuit

Event Schedule

  • September 11 7:00 AM AST - Race Start

  • September 11 11:00 AM AST - Race End

Contact Information

Event Location

Samaan Park, Tucker Valley Road, Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago

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