It's the big one...the 2016 Perth Kilt Run will be bigger and better than ever before. We are adding a 1 mile, 1/2 marathon and full marathon to the regular 5 mile (8 Km) race. Come join us in our final official Guinness World Record attempt for the largest Kilt Race in the World!

As the 5 Mile, and  Half Marathon have the same start line, same start time, and share the same first mile as the Royal Mile, you will be receiving a chip time for the Royal Mile as well. To put it another way, if you enter the 5 Mile or the Half, you will receive free entry into the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile will be the basis of the Guinness Record attempt.

The full marathon is on the Sunday and is a point to point run. The start is in Rideau Ferry and the finish at a farm to the west of Perth called Ecotay. Transportation will be provided from the finish line to the start line before the race. Parking is available at the finish line. if you are a military personnel please contact for a discount code.

Registration Fees

The Classic 5 Mile Closed

8km road race

The Classic 5 Mile Youth (ages 7 to 17) Closed

8km road race

Warrior Class - Male Closed

8km race with additional obstacles

Warrior Class - Female Closed

8km race with additional obstacles

The Royal Mile Closed

1 Mile Race

The Half Marathon Closed

Course closes 2hrs 30min after gun start

Lad & Lassie Warrior 9 to 12 Closed

1.5 km race with obstacles

Lad & Lassie - 7 and 8 Closed

1.5 km race

Lad & Lassie - 5 and 6 Closed

200 m fun run

Lad & Lassie - 2 to 4 Closed

200 m fun run

SUNDAY JUNE 26 - Marathon Closed

Course closes 5 hrs after gun start

SUNDAY June 26 - Slow Half Kilter Closed

For the Back of the Packers, finish time between 2.5 and 5.0 hours

Two Grand Draw Prizes

There are TWO grand prizes for a trip to Scotland this year. Here are the criteria:

1. All participants* in the Marathon, Half-Marathon, 8 km, and 1 mile races will be entered to win one of the trips to Scotland.   (*conditions apply)

2. The second trip to Scotland is for every participant that raises at least $200 for one of the two charities (MS Society or Cancer Society). Also, you will receive an additional entry into the draw for every additional $200 raised. 

Promotion for Military Members

* We now have a special offer to all military members - 50% discount on the Kilted Marathon race until May 24 To obtain this discount, simply enter the promotional code when prompted.  If you have not received the promotional code from your Commanding Officer please email

Race Cut-Off Times

The Marathon course will be closed 5 hours after the gun start time.

The Half Marathon will be closed 2 hours and 30 minutes after the gun start time.

Race Requirements

This is an official Guiness World Record attempt so we have some very specific requirements:

1. You MUST wear a kilt (kilt requirements are described below)

2. You MUST sign in at Registration prior to the races as we require actual signatures for submission

Bib and Kilt Pick Up

Pre-Race Kilt Pick-up

Stay tuned for details about a kilt pick-up prior to race day.

Race Day Check In

You must pick up your bib and t-shirt on Race Day 

Kilts that were ordered when you registered can be picked up at the same time

Race Courses

The 8 km, Royal Mile and Half Marathon races start and finish at main start line "castle" (Town Hall on Gore street). The Marathon on Sunday starts in Rideau Ferry, passes through Perth and ends at Ecotay (a farm west of Perth). Note that start times are still subject to change.

1. 8K Regular and Warrior: Race Course (click here)  Certified

2. The Royal Mile (all ages): Race Course (click here)   Certified

3. The Half Marathon: Race Course (click here) Certification Pending

4. The Full Marathon: Race Course (click here) Certified ON-2015-023-BDC 

5. The Sunday Slow Half Marathon: Race Course (click here) starting at the 21.1 km mark, same finish as marathon

5. Ladd and Lassies:  Race Course (click here) Our children's races (age 7-10) features three foot bridges over the river Tay!  (total length ~1km)

6. Wee Ladd and Lassies: Race Course (click here) Our children's race (age 2 to 6) "The Wee" is a full 200 metres around Town Hall!

7. NEW Warrior Ladd and Lassies:  Race Course (click here) Our Warrior children's race (age 9-12) features three foot bridges over the river Tay and several warrior obstacles in Stewart Park!  (total length ~1.8K)


There will be a unique keepsake once again...wait till you get to the finish line!

Back again -the worlds Most Age Categories! Our Age-Categories are 1 year wide ... (over 130 age group winners in 2014!)

Age group winners will be decided by Chip Time

Non-Race Events

There will be many events in Stewart Park again this year - better shade!  (free live music)

Canadian Haggis Toss Championship returns! - will you break the world record throw? (open to all)

Kilt Information

You  MUST wear an official world record approved kilt.   You do not need to order a new kilt this year if your previous kilt meets all of the requirements listed below.

Regulation kilt requirements are:

1) Pleated back

2) Apron front

3) Two buckles at side

4) Knee length


The Running Goat store does not stock kilts  If you did not order a kilt when you registered here are some options:

The Scottish and Irish Store

West End Store
2194 Robertson Rd. 
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 9J5

East End Store
1713 St. Laurent Blvd. (at Innes Rd.)
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V4

Event Schedule

  • June 25 3:45 PM EDT - Lads & Lassies Warrior

  • June 25 3:45 PM EDT - Lads & Lassies 7-8

  • June 25 3:45 PM EDT - Wee Lads & Lassies 2-4

  • June 25 3:45 PM EDT - Lads & Lassies 9-10

  • June 25 3:45 PM EDT - Wee Lads & Lassies 5-6

  • June 25 6:00 PM EDT - The Classic 5

  • June 25 6:00 PM EDT - Warrior 8 km

  • June 25 6:00 PM EDT - The Half Marathon

  • June 25 6:00 PM EDT - The Royal Mile

  • June 26 6:00 AM EDT - The Marathon

  • June 26 6:00 AM EDT - The Sunday Slow Half Kilter

Contact Information

Event Location

Perth, Ontario, Canada

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