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The 14th Annual ENDURrun

August 7 - 14, 2016

8 DAYS - 7 STAGES - 160 KM


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Click here for the 2016 ENDURrun booklet (maps, rules, etc.)

Online Registration is closed but Race day entries for Guest runners will be accepted.

Registration fees

Relay Team Members Closed

Relay Team Members Only

  1. Free
    Aug 12 - Aug 7

Ultimate Closed

Registration closed
    1. CA$400.00
      Aug 12 – Jan 31
    2. CA$425.00
      Feb 1 – Apr 30
    3. CA$450.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    4. CA$500.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 6
    5. Closed
      Aug 6 – Aug 7

Sport Closed

Registration closed
    1. Closed
      Aug 12 – Dec 1
    2. CA$175.00
      Dec 1 – Jan 31
    3. CA$200.00
      Feb 1 – Apr 30
    4. CA$225.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    5. CA$250.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 6
    6. Closed
      Aug 6 – Aug 7

Guest Closed

Registration closed
    1. Closed
      Aug 12 – Dec 1
    2. CA$40.00
      Dec 1 – Jan 31
    3. CA$45.00
      Feb 1 – Apr 30
    4. CA$50.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    5. CA$55.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 6
    6. Closed
      Aug 6 – Aug 7

Relay Team Closed

Registration closed
    1. Closed
      Aug 12 – Dec 1
    2. CA$400.00
      Dec 1 – Jan 31
    3. CA$425.00
      Feb 1 – Apr 30
    4. CA$450.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    5. CA$500.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 4
    6. Closed
      Aug 4 – Aug 7

Registration Acknowledgement

REGISTRATION POLICY:  All entries are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deferrable. There are no exceptions once a person has registered.

Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

 NOTE:  While we do not expect many changes, if any changes at all, all details are subject to change.  Final rules, courses, descriptions and awards will be published July, 2016.

Race Package Pickup and Pre-Race Meeting

At the home of the Race Director: 2 Weberlyn Crescent, Conestogo, Ontario
Saturday August 6, 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Pre-Race meeting is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged for all Ultimate participants.

If unable to attend the pre-race meeting, all kits for Ultimate, Sport, Relay and Guest runners can be picked up at the Stage at 7:00 am.

Run For Free

If you are motivated to run The ENDURrun to support a charity of personal significance, we would love to help. With a minimun pledge total of $1,000 to a registered charity of your choice, The ENDURrun will refund your entry fee.  More information from our website is here.  Download the 2016 Pledge Form here.

This opportunity is available for only 5 participants.  Please contact Lloyd to register your charity.

Welcome to the running challenge of a lifetime!

Rarely does an event challenge you beyond your running goals and dreams.

Do you have what it takes?

ENDURANCE.  It simply means you can go the distance.  You've reached your goals and continually strive toward the next level.  And now comes the ultimate running challenge . . .  The 'Tour de France' of running . . .  The

This 160KM, 8 day, 7 Stage event will test your ability to draw deep into your reserves to pull out everything you're going to need. It's all about ENDURance.

What is your goal?

You could also use The ENDURrun as a training camp. Varying and challenging terrain. Attention to detail. Runner's needs. These are what we provide. You provide the endurance, the sweat, the motivation, the determination. Whether your goal is to win or simply to finish, we are here to help you achieve YOUR goal.

The ENDURrun is brought to you by an experienced race committee with a long history of innovation, attention to detail and quality event organization. Join us in August 2016 for one incredible week. Compete with the best, or cheer on the rest. A celebration of excellence, a runner's dream. 

Can you go the distance?

There are many ways to participate:

Event    Type Stages KM
Ultimate Individual    1-7 160
Sport Individual    5-7 77.8
Relay Team (2-7)    1-7 160
Guest Individual    Any Varies

If you're ready for the challenge, The Ultimate is where it's at.  If you can't make the whole week, the Sport offers a taste of everything.  Looking to experience the event?  Running a single Stage, either as a Guest or a Relay member will give you a taste of The ENDURrun.

What's included?

  • All Ultimate Participants will receive: 
    • Various ENDURrun Commemorative and Functional Merchandise
    • Complimentary Saucony Bag filled with goodies
    • Collector 2016 ENDURrun Pin
  • All Ultimate Finishers will receive: 
    • Prestigious ENDURrun Finsher's Medal
    • Special Finishers gift
    • Completion Certificate
  • All Sport, Relay & Guest Participants will receive:
    • An ENDURrun Technical T-SHIRT
    • Collector 2016 ENDURrun PIN
  • Support for all Participants:
    • Post race REFRESHMENTS following each Stage
    • A well-deserved post-race MASSAGE
    • FLUID STATIONS (Gatorade, Water, Gels) throughout the course
    • COURSES - varied design and terrain, safe, well-marked, split times
    • VOLUNTEERS - experienced, trained, friendly, helpful
    • Social activities throughout the week
    • Access to pool and hot tub throughout the week

The ENDURrun Stages

7 Stages to test your fitness, endurance, will, and yourself.  Here is a link to the 2016 booklet including Stage maps, directions, rules, photos and more.


2016 Stages





PRIZE MONEY (All prize money is in Canadian $). There is a total of $3,500 in potential prize money to be awarded.

OVERALL Male and Female: . . . . . . . . . . 1st $750, 2nd $350, 3rd $150

COMPLETE EVENT RECORD: . . . . . . . . . . Male $500, Female $500

ULTIMATE COURSE RECORDS: Male - Charles Bedley 9:37:38 Female - Jackie Jackman 12:07:47

GOLD JERSEYS The Male and Female cumulative time leaders after each Stage will have the honour of wearing the GOLD jerseys for the following Stage.

TROPHIES The overall Male and Female winners will have their names engraved on The ENDURrun Trophy. The Rookie (1st time participant) Male and Female winners will have their names engraved on The ENDURrun Trophy.

MEDALS  To all finishers

BONUS JERSEYS (Male and Female)

* The BLUE Jersey will be awarded to the Sprint Champion - the fastest combined times of the speed Stages (2 & 6)

* The GREY Jersey will be awarded to the Mountain Champion - the fastest combined times of the mountain Stages (4 & 5)

* The GREEN Jersey will be awarded to the Trail Champion - the fastest combined times of the trail Stages (3 & 5)


TROPHY     The overall Male and Female winner will have their names engraved on The ENDURrun Trophy.

MEDALS     To all finishers.


PRIZE MONEY  (All prize money is in Canadian $).  There is a total of $1,250 in prize money to be awarded as follows:                 1st $750,  2nd $350,  3rd $150

TROPHY           The winning team will have their name engraved on The ENDURrun Trophy.

MEDALS           All winning Relay team members will receive a medal.

Here’s what participants have said:

“The ENDURrun was a true test of my endurance and gave me renewed inspiration and focus as a runner.”

– Andrea Cobham


“I needed something beyond the marathon.”

– Steven Parke


“No other race, will ever compare.”

– Judy Hurst


“The ENDURrun was such a great experience that I almost didn’t want to cross that final finish line.”

– April Boultbee


“ENDURrun - my most memorable running experience. Loved every minute of every mile.”

– Melanie Boultbee


"The toughest and most rewarding eight days of my life."

– Michael Lavigne


"If you've ever wondered what you're capable of, run The ENDURrun!"

– Steve Biggs


"The ENDURrun event may only last for 8 days, but the experience and friendships last a lifetime."

– Chris Kay


“The challenges of the course, the camaraderie of the runners, the genuine warmth of the volunteers and support personnel combined for a most enjoyable week of running that is probably unmatched the world over.”

– John Lum Young


“My favorite distance is now 160 KM”

– Dave Nash


"The ENDURrun is, by far, the best running experience of my life. The competition, the camaraderie, the support of the volunteers and the carefully planned Stages make it the pinnacle of my racing calendar each year."

– Joanne Bink


"The ENDURrun should be an Olympic Event."

– Dave Nash


"The support and treatment provided by The ENDURrun gave me a taste of what an elite runner must feel like."

– Steve Formaneck


"This tough event has defined me as the runner I am."

– Chris Duke


"It's a year's worth of racing packed into one week."

– Steve Formaneck


"I've never felt more fit than after completing this event."

– Steve Formaneck


"Most of my friends run faster than me, but I completed The ENDURrun and they did not, so I win.  Be a winner, try The ENDURrun."

– Duff McLaren


"Try The ENDURrun, for me it was an experience of true earthly human existence, mind, body and soul."

– Victorio Hawkins


"The ENDURrun? A fantastic event.  A true test of everything HUMAN. You should try it."

– Victorio Hawkins


“The ENDURrun Sport is truly a test of personal limits . . . it was also very inspiring to watch the other runners in the Ultimate event.”

– Robert Young


“From the first step to the last, a fantastic journey!”

– Bronwyn Brock


“A unique personal challenge.  The best endurance experience of my life.  I’ll be back”

– Adam Johnston


“If you want to race and feel special, don’t miss The ENDURrun.  It is one special event”

– Phil Allan


“Great training week!”

– Mike Strano


“The ENDURrun is the best event that no one knows about”

– Harold Mah

Further Testimonials

Steve Gaul:

When we were asked to say a few words while receiving awards I didn’t have much to say but … ouch ... ouch ... ouch.  While recovering on the couch the next day I reflected on the left over images in my head and found what I would have said.  I DID IT ... I completed The ENDURrun. Injured, under trained and not mentally prepared.  But I did it.

13 years ago I could barely lift my head as I was undergoing chemotherapy sessions for testicular Cancer, and now I’m an ENDURrunner.  It’s odd how Cancer affects one. For example, how does one go back to a normal life after they’ve been told they have one of the worlds worst diseases, fought like hell and nearly died in order to over come it and get a second chance on life, then go back to the life they were living? After 7 years of wandering aimlessly searching for the old Steve Gaul and getting nowhere but depressed and angry I began running. April 26th 2003. That first day I ran 12 minutes and puked. The next day I got up and ran 13 minutes. I’ve been running ever since. On this journey I found a new Steve Gaul.  A Steve Gaul that just ran one tough endurance race, and completed it.   A Steve Gaul that is no longer running from Cancer.  The Mickey Mouse headband I wore was what my mother bought me when my hair started to fall out during treatments. I’ve been wearing it running ever since as a reminder of the pain and anguish of Cancer.  Today I retire it. I don’t need to wear it anymore. Thank you to all of you runners, Lloyd and all the volunteers whom kept me fuelled and encouraged me throughout the week, and most of all to my fiancée Casey. For without her support I would not be standing here today. I love you Sweetheart.  Keep running guys.  For as long as we run ... we live.


Andy Carney:

It's the seemingly insurmountable challenge that you present that gives us all the opportunity to really stretch ourselves past our perceived boundaries.  I am definitely a different person from 2 Sunday's ago when I first pulled into the lot at RIM Park.


Andy Carney:

Still on a high after an amazing week ... It's been a week and I still haven't come down.  I am a changed man.  There is nothing I can't accomplish.  The ENDURrun has merely stoked the fire inside ...


Mary Pacell:

Lloyd is right that this ENDURrun is a life changing experience. Conquering my demons out on the roads/trails has forever changed my perspective on "what's possible".  I had my doubts that I could finish The ENDURrun on that first Sunday and what I learned through the week is that anything is possible with focus and determination, but especially by surrounding myself with loving and positive people.  That's the key and that's what I found in Waterloo.


Alfred Patrick:

As a marathon runner, I knew that The ENDURrun would be tough both physically and mentally and I prepared myself accordingly. What I didn’t anticipate was how tough it would be emotionally. One of the Boultbee twins told me that most people shed a tear at the end of the event and my response was; “that won’t happen to me”. I held that position until I got home. Apart from the obvious sadness of leaving after such a fantastic event, hearing some of the causes supported (Andy’s in particular) and the difficulty of parting ways with such a wonderful group of people. I am once again deeply moved by Steve’s story. Steve, you are truly a champion. Glad to have met you.

Let me take this opportunity to say thanks to Lloyd for organizing and directing this very special event, Julie and the rest of the family for their hospitality and support, the volunteers for all their help and support, the kind lady who lent me her coat and umbrella before the 10 miler on Wednesday, Brad and all the photographers. I know it’s beginning to sound like an academy Awards speech but I mean it.

As I said at the Presentation Ceremony, I thought that I could just go to Canada, do The ENDURrun event, go back home and it be over. I’m so happy to say that it was much more to me.


Victorio Hawkins:

The ENDURrun has in fact been a challenge with a difference. I had great fear that at any time my hamstrings would fail me, and then the thought of hearing '" you are out of the competition" from Lloyd haunted me each day. The ENDURrun is about power of the mind. I am a stronger person today as a result of this great event. In some way we were all an inspiration to each other, very unique to The ENDURrun.  Win, loose, draw, hurt, pain, or anguish, congratulations to you all great people.


Mary Pacell:

It’s hard to describe just how great this event is from the point of view of how the participants are treated.  I have been asked a LOT this week "how did you do"? or "how was the event"? Inevitably I lead my response with "we were treated like celebrities all week! and that's no exaggeration. Every time we turned around someone was taking our picture and telling us how great we're doing ... it was awesome".

From the great food, to the course support and the after event chiropractic care, to the personal attention, support and genuine caring of the entire volunteer crew (and other runners) ... this is a truly unique and extremely positive event. 

So, thanks to everyone for helping to create the BEST running experience of my life. You are all angels.


Dave Rutherford:

Lloyd and crew, all the volunteers, the athletes' support for one another has met and gone way beyond my expectations.  You are all very special.  Thank you . . .  See you at the BBQ tonight.  What a generous and additional bonus for this event, more time to relax, mingle and of course scarf down a bunch more food!  Thanks again.


Charles Bedley, 2003 & 2004 ENDURrun Champion:

The ENDURrun is the ultimate test of a runner's endurance; it takes the complete runner to run it well.  The runner needs good middle distance speed, needs the stamina for the marathon, needs the strength over hills, and capable of running cross-country well.

It is a great marathon training week!

If you like to challenge yourself, it is the ultimate challenge, both physically and mentally.  But, it is also a lot of fun!

I felt like the Lance Armstrong of running wearing the gold jersey, and winning The ENDURrun!


Steven Parke:

Having run The ENDURrun both in 2003 and 2004, it is now the only race on my calendar that matters to me.  Every other race that I choose to run has simply become a training race for The ENDURrun.  The unique and challenging design of The ENDURrun, and the sense of accomplishment and pride that I have from being a part of The ENDURrun's short history,  has rejuvenated my training / running.


Jay Pepper:

I have been running for 2 years now.  I have completed 2 half marathons and one full marathon before this 160 km run. 

To fast, to soon, to quick, not even close, with this being a stage race it was perfect.  It was like a training week with more kilometers each day.  I started training in April and just increased my mileage every other week.  In June I started doing hills at Chicopee, twice a week and an endurance class once a week at Good Life Fitness. I didn’t really work on my speed work but more on the endurance.  I just wanted to complete the run.

Three weeks before the run I injured my muscle between the calf muscle and tibia bone. So I tapered sooner then liked. I also tore my I-T band.  It was very painful every time I bent my left knee. This happened on the Wednesday.  I still had 3 stages left, 25 km on Friday, 10 km on Saturday, and the full marathon on the Sunday.  It was a challenge, but I completed the 160 kilometers with the support of fellow runners and supporters.

It was an honour to participate in The ENDURrun.  After every race there was an excellent assortment of foods and drinks, and the massages were excellent too.

The first Sunday we all showed up not knowing anyone.  When Marathon Sunday showed up and we all had 118 kilometers under our belts, we not only finished The ENDURrun but new friendships where formed and everybody supported each other.

That’s what this race is all about.



Adam Johnston:

I recently took part in a fantastic endurance event:  The ENDURrun.  It was a tremendous experience, and one that I think you, the endurance athlete, would appreciate, and perhaps look to experience yourself.  It was not unlike my first experience with triathlon and my first Ironman.  I have not had such a favorable, positive, and memorable athletic experience since those days ... but The ENDURrun matched them.

Race director Lloyd Schmidt has come up with a truly unique event.  Seven Stages, over eight days, totaling 160km!  Distances range from 10k to the marathon.  Once you've experienced it, you are likely to stick with it.  I took part in Stages one through five. I am hooked, and am going back next year to do the entire thing.

What struck me most about participating in The ENDURrun was: 

- the organization of the event. Lloyd, the race director, is extremely approachable.  I struck up an e-conversation with Lloyd the months before the event.  I felt like I knew Lloyd before actually meeting him on race day.  This friendliness filters through to his volunteers and support crew.  No complaints.  Much more personable than an Ironman or marathon.  You're known by your name, not your chip number. 

- how well thought out the event was ... which days, which distances, etc. 

- the typical athlete competing in this grueling event was an average everyday athlete:  father, wife, employee, son, etc.  Do not be intimidated by the distance … almost anyone can do it!

- how well I was able to run on back to back to back days. And the same applied for everyone there.  We surprised ourselves.

- the post event massage (each participant received a thorough massage) and food

- the incredible amount of fun I had ... comparative to my days as a school child on the basketball team!

For these reasons, and so very many more, I encourage you to give The ENDURrun some thought in the future.                                                                        


Catherine Champagne:

The ENDURrun is definitely a unique experience. The runs are individually challenging and allow you to test your stamina. The seven stages that runner's experience during a marathon, can also apply to each race.  By the end of the week, you can fully appreciate what you've accomplished when you cross that finish line. 

The friendships that are formed are awesome.  When you get to run with the same group of people, you have a support group that not only knows first hand what you are going through, but they can also feel your pain!!

The event is well organized and continues to improve every year.  I highly recommend The ENDURrun experience.


Dan Callaghan:

The ENDURrun, like Steven Parke wrote, is the only race that I now actually train for, any other races are just to lengthen the season. This event is actually more of an experience than a race.  I have been racing for four years and have completed:

    1x 1 mile race

    3x 10k races

    4x 1/2 marathons

    6x marathons

    1x 100k Ultra

All of the above were on the road. Lloyd!!!!!

My favorite races have all been during The ENDURrun, even the cross country and hill races, which I did not train for (note to self - "train hills and trails for next year" must beat Bechtel Park).  No other race can provide the same camaraderie as this event.  It is not too often that during a race you actually get to know everybody like you do during The ENDURrun.  If you were to take this challenge, I know that The ENDURrun would sell itself.  I started thinking about next year before the event was even over (note to self -"catch Jay next year").

Thank you for everything Lloyd, Julie and family, and not to mention the many volunteers that helped.

Well Done Lloyd, "Outstanding"





The sponsors recognized on this entry form have generously contributed financial support, products and/or services to The ENDURrun and we encourage your ongoing support of these generous companies and organizations.


WRS Saucony Runners Choice Mike Forgrave M&T Michael Hewitson Shoppers Drug Mart kw health connection Staebler Police REACT

Event Schedule

  • August 6 5:00 PM EDT - Social - Pre-race meeting

  • August 7 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 1 Start

  • August 8 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 2 Start (start times vary as this is a Time Trial with participants starting one minute apart)

  • August 9 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 3 Start

  • August 10 6:00 PM EDT - Stage 4 Start

  • August 12 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 5 Start

  • August 13 8:00 AM EDT - Stage 6 Start (start times vary as this is a Time Trial with participants starting one minute apart)

  • August 14 6:00 AM EDT - Stage 7 Early Start (Mandatory for participants expecting to run 4:30 or slower)

  • August 14 7:30 AM EDT - Stage 7 Start

  • August 14 12:00 PM EDT - Awards (we strongly encourage you to arrange your travel plans to allow you to participate).

Contact Information

Event Location

Conestogo, ON, Canada

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