Street Scramble turns the neighborhood into a grand adventure!
  • 2 hours of fun
  • How far and fast you go is up to you!
  • Street Scramble is for all ages
  • Go on foot only
  • Go solo, or work in a team of 2-5
  • See something new!
How does it work?
At Street Scramble,  participants are given a map with checkpoints circled on it and a short time period (30 minutes) to decide which checkpoints they want to visit and their routes between them. To make it extra interesting- checkpoints have different point values and those who collect the most points are the winners! There are many divisions to compete in, including several family divisions, although you do not need to be competitive to enjoy Street Scramble.
Once the planning session is over, the race director gathers everyone, gives a short briefing, and upon shouting, "Everyone, SCRAMBLE!!" the race clock begins! Then everyone goes dashing away in different directions.
The checkpoints you're looking for are simply features in the cityscape, such as a statue or plaque. To prove that you've visited a checkpoint, you'll answer a multiple choice question on your answer sheet. 
Example Question: What is the statue holding?
Example Answers: A) Fish, B) Basket, C) Sword
Keep an eye on your watch so that you'll return to the finish line on time, or risk losing points for every minute you're late! 
After the finish, stick around. Awards are given out in eleven categories, and it's fun to compare routes and strategies with other teams.

Registration fees

Adult, age 22+ on team with kids 12 or under Closed

Kids, age 6-12 Closed

Kids, age 5 or under Closed

Youth, age 13-21 Closed

General, age 22+ Closed

Event Schedule

  • December 8 12:00 AM PST - Pre Registration Ends

  • December 10 8:30 AM PST - Check In ; Registration

  • December 10 9:30 AM PST - Map handout and briefing

  • December 10 10:00 AM PST - Start

  • December 10 12:00 PM PST - 2-hour finish

  • December 10 12:40 PM PST - 2-hour awards

Contact Information

Event Location

Pike Place Market Theater, Seattle, WA, United States

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