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Name Location Sub-event
Alexandra Mills Carrying Place, CA 10k
Andrew Speedy Belleville, CA 10k
Barry Flanigan Roslin, CA 10k
Bill Petch Belleville, CA 5k
Donna Barrett Belleville, CA 5k
Jake Mortimore Belleville, CA 5k
Jennifer Gunsolus Shannonville, CA 5k
John Franklin Belleville, ON, CA 5k
Joy Petch Belleville, CA 10k
Lee Shooter cobourg, CA 10k
Mac MacGillivray Frankford, CA 5k
Michelle Pothier picton, CA 5k
Neil Ibey Brighton, CA 10k
Rebecca Patten Brighton, CA 10k
Rick Steele Belleville, CA 5k
Robert Foster Stirling, CA 10k

Event Location

Belleville, ON, Canada

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