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The 2016 running of the Navy Tridents Triathlon and Duathlon will be taking place on June 5, 2016 at the Shearwater Gym and Fitness Centre. We will be hosting three races which will be a Sprint Triathlon, Try-a-Tri Triathlon, and a Duathlon.

The Navy Triathlon and Duathlon is the 14th running of this race. It is a great way to get started in the sport of Triathlon for first timers, and an excellent way to see how you stack up against the competition after a long winter for more seasoned racers. We re looking forward to seeing you all here for an excellent day of racing!

Registration opening date will move earlier once final details are determined.


See you race day!

Registration fees

Sprint Distance Triathlon Closed

Registration closed
  • 750m/20km/5km

    1. Closed
      Mar 2 – May 9
    2. $60.00
      May 10 – Jun 2
    3. Closed
      Jun 2 – Jun 2

Try-a-Tri Closed

Registration closed
  • 300m/10km/3km

    1. Closed
      Mar 2 – May 9
    2. $45.00
      May 10 – Jun 2
    3. Closed
      Jun 2 – Jun 2

Duathlon Closed

Registration closed
  • 5km/20km/3km

    1. Closed
      Mar 2 – May 9
    2. $50.00
      May 10 – Jun 2
    3. Closed
      Jun 2 – Jun 2

Link to Start and Briefing Times

Moksha Yoga

Moksha Yoga Bedford has generously donated prizes.  You can work out your post race issues and get stronger for your future races at the same time! 



Race Route Details

We will be using a different format for the race compared to previous years with route changes for all three disciplines.

The swim portion of the course will be conducted as a pool swim.  We are changing the event from heats to a rolling start with a new competitor entering the pool on a 1:30 interval rotating through the lanes.

The bike will be a road course with limited exposure on public roads.  There will be multiple loops of the course with the number depending on which distance you are competing in.  Due to the rolling start and slightly shorter loops than previous years there will be greater rider density on the course than previous years.

The run course will be routed through the PMQs (residences) at Shearwater.  Two loops of the run course will be required to reach 5km.

To handle the larger number of competitors who will require being setup at one time, transition will be enlarged and moved across the road to the parking lot in front of the Shearwater Gym. 

Changes to the route are unavoidable.  We have made every attempt to make the event safe, enjoyable, and competitive for everyone. 

Swim Mechanics

A rolling start will be used for the swim portion of the race this year.  Either exact times or time ranges (TBD) will be assigned prior to race day once registration closes.  Briefing times will also be assigned.  You must be registered and setup in time for your briefing.  Briefings will be scheduled several times through the day and you will attend the briefing prior to your race time. 

Racers will enter the pool area through the locker rooms.  Five minutes before your start time you will be allowed to enter the warmup lane at one end of the pool to take a lap.  You will then exit the pool and proceed to your assigned lane.  You will enter your lane (keeping out of the way of swimmers already swimming in that lane) and start at your specified time at the direction of the pool starter and timer.

Swimmers will start at a 1m 30s interval.  Swimmers will start in the next lane down the pool. Swimming will be done in a loop fashion within the lane.  The loop direction will be determined by the lane supervisor.  Passing safely is the responsibility of the swimmer passing.  The mechanics of the loop swimming should match a typical open lane swim at a pool.


Swimmer one in lane one at 07:00.00. 

Swimmer two starts in lane two at 07:01.30. 

Swimmer three, four, five all in their own lanes at 07:03.00, 07:04.30, and 07:06.00 respectively. 

Swimmer six enters lane one and joins swimmer one swimming clockwise in that lane at 07:07.30

Swimmer seven joins swimmer two in lane two at 07:09.00

Swimmer eight, nine, ten all join at 07:10.30, 07:12.00, and 07:13.30 respectively. 


Exiting the pool will be through the glass door to the Shearwater Gym lobby.  Racers will proceed down the hallway, out the side door, and across the driveway to the new transition location.


Spectators will enter the pool area through the bleecher door crossing race traffic only when directed by a race volunteer.

Swimmer eleven joins swimmer one and six in lane one at 07:15.00.  Depending on swim times in the Sprint and Try-a-Tri swimmer one will exit the lane before or after this moment. 

Bike Route

A modified bike loop is being used compared to previous years.  After exiting transition near the pool follow the blue line north up boundary road turning (south east) in front of the Barracks.  Proceed to Bonnaventure where you will merge into the clockwise loop shown in pink.  You will do the specified number of loops for your race (five for the sprint and du, three for the Try-a-Tri).  After your final lap continue on the loop until you reach the orange line where you will turn left back down boundary road to transition.

While most of the course is contained on Shearwater a small portion of the course is held on open road (Hines Road from Raptor Ave to Autoport Road) similar to other Triathlons.  Please review the Triathlon Nova Scotia rules for this section if you have not participated in an event on highways before.  All rules of the road do apply.

Course constraints do result in both variations of the course to be slightly longer than the intended 10/20km.  Actual race distances will be confirmed.

Run Route

Accompanying the modified bike loop is a modified run to avoid crossover of the two courses.  The course is done as two loops for 5km and one loop for 2.5km.  The beginning of the Duathlon 3km section will be accomplished by having the start line of the Du located near the CANEX building rather than next to the pool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to try out the course in advance?
    • Not in it's entirety.  The Pool portion is an active pool with it's own swim schedule.  The bike course is not accessible as it is partially run through private 12 wing Shearwater roads.  The run is generally accessible through the PMQs.


  • What time do I need to arrive for registration? 
    • Registration times will be announced closer to the event date.


  • What time is my start?
    • Start times will be emailed to your registration email a day or so after registration closes. 


  • What time is race kit pickup?
    • Race kit pickup is part of registration the day of the race.   Please do not arrive at the registration desk more than two hours before your heat as it can cause a bottleneck at registration.


  • I would like to sign up for the race on race day. 
    • No. In order to setup the starts to run as quickly as possible we can not include race day registration.


  • Registration is closed and it is still before the deadline for registration, why can't I still register? 
    • Registration may be closed early due to the race selling out prior to the deadline.  We will be enforcing a cut off on the triathlon events, the duathlon is often available due to there being no bottleneck on pool time on race day.


  • There are no more Sprint Triathlon spots, but there are still Try-A-Tri spots.  Can I still do the sprint? 
    • The maximum registrants for those two events may be shuffled as needed up to a maximum between the two.  That number represents the maximum number of people we can run thorugh twelve person heats in the allocated amount of time for the day.


  • I'm traveling to the race with someone, can we be in the same heat? 
    • Maybe.  In previous years we tried to group racers for easier travel.  With the new start procedure the day should be shorter by several hours.  Due to this we will be attempting to not adjust start times artificially and will be using swim times exclusively.


  • Is there a Team Event?
    • Unfortunately there is not a team event offered at this year's race.  There has been some interest in team events, with enough demand we would consider adding it as an option to future events.


  •  Is there a Junior Event?
    • There is not a specific event being held for Juniors.  Due to the current race heat format the additional requirements to keep the draft legal portion of the race separate for Juniors increases the length of the day significantly and less racers per hour are able to get through the event.  If there are enough Junior racers we will be attempting to group them together in early start times of the main event.


  • I can't make it to the race, do you need volunteers?
    • Yes, please contact us via email and we'll get you on the volunteer list.


  • Are there showers available?
    • There are!  Showers, lockers, and washrooms are available in the Shearwater gym facility


  • How will passing work in the pool?
    • Passing will be done the same as during a swim practice at the pool.  Tap the foot of the person in front of you gently, look, pass.  If there is another person in the pool be aware of them swimming towards you before you go to pass.  We have attempted to setup the pool timing to minimize the interference from too many swimmers in one lane.


  • Do I need to be a Triathlon Nova Scotia member to enter the Trident's Triathlon and Duathlon?
    • You have to have a TriNS membership to race, it's part of our race sanctioning and insurance.  You can get a one day or a year membership.  They should both be available through the Race Roster page during race registration by checking the "I'd like to purchase a membership" box.

Timing and Race Services provided by:

Event Schedule

  • May 10 12:00 AM ADT - Early Bird Registration Closes

Contact Information

Event Location

CFB Shearwater, Shearwater, NS, Canada

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