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Name Leader Members Raised
Centurion K9 PTSD Service Dogs Andy Hammond Andy Hammond, Anna Hammond, Carole Lacasse, Julie Kavanagh, Emily Evans $1,275.00
Move It For Mark Janet Springer Janet Springer, Shirley Briscoe, Marika Banks, Susan Ward $1,250.00
TeamKindness#DIFD Bonnie Murphy Bonnie Murphy, Jim Lambe, Reese Lambe, Ava Lambe, Alexare Hervato, Natalie Corrigan $565.00
Team Fire Steve Kitchen Steve Kitchen, Christine Kitchen, Ben Kitchen, Kent Penney $50.00
Rink Bonies Daniel Marois Daniel Marois, Michael Licari, Byron McNeely $25.00
#Team2016 Jorge Espinosa Julia Gabrini, Jorge Espinosa, Tiago Falk $0.00
DIFD Stephanie Richardson Stephanie Richardson, Luke Richardson $0.00
Fam Jam Taryn Fleming Taryn Fleming, Catherine Donnelly, Jamie Moss, Christie Jotham $0.00
Focus 911 Martin Durivage Martin Durivage, Cédric Charland, Nicolas Réhel, Issac Sibomana, Patrick Winder, Julie Ranger, Gabrielle Bellefeuille, William McCarthy, Isabelle Bourget $0.00
Franza speedsters Aggie Franzmamnn Aggie Franzmamnn, Alan Franzmann, Marek Franzmann, Maia Franzmann $0.00

Event Location

Stittsville, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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