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Youth clubs and organizations were a large part of my upbringing in the city - as the only child of a single mother in a family without any other children, finding not only play but guidance and leadership in older youths was integral in my development. By nature, children look up to those older than them that are still able to genuinely connect to their level of curiosity and energy. Organizations that provide role models like this who also happen to be kind, smart, empathetic and principled as Big Sisters volunteers are, need support in order to continue to support the young girls of our communities. As the media-induced pressures of our world rise, it is becoming more and more difficult for girls to grow into healthy, strong-minded, self-empowered women. Please join me in raising as much as possible - though only $100 is my goal! - for the Big Yoga for Big Sisters Yogathon. Big Sisters of the BC Lower Mainland are needed more than ever. Let's help them continue to lift up our girls!

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Recent donors

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Sep 08 Merch Adv $82.00
Aug 24 Mia Knezevic $20.00
Aug 18 Adam Conconi $20.00
Aug 18 Aleksandra Kolesnikova $10.00