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This stair climb commemorates the loss of 343 firefighters and 70 law enforcement members that died on Sept 11, 2001. The challenge is to retrace the ascent (and descent) of the 110 stories of the WTC – this equals 10 “laps” of The Lethbridge Center Tower.

Registration fees

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110 stories

  1. $25.00
    Jul 24 - Sep 10

Event Information

The Stairclimb is a physically demanding activity in that the goal is always to achieve a climb

(and descent) of 110 stories. This distance is the equivalent distance of the height of the World

Trade Center as it stood before the attacks of 9-11. It is believed that many rescuers would have

made a similar climb that day and unfortunately many never returned home.


We make this climb in order to honour those we lost in the line of duty and to ensure that we

never forget them. Participants are encouraged to ask for sponsors in the form of pledges in order

to raise money for the Tema Conter Memorial Trust - which is a national charity that supports first

responders and military in the prevention and treatment of PTSD.


How you choose to approach this task is up to each individual and your personal level of fitness

should be taken into account. A few suggestions:


a) Ensure you do a warm up routine prior to the climb

b) Arrive well hydrated and rested. There will be water supplied but if you have a different

favorite refreshment or energy bar please bring your own

c) Work as a team to encourage and support one another

d) Stay single file to the right side to allow faster climbers to pass. Follow the designated

route – 1 stairwell is up, 1 is down

e) Take breaks as required off the stairs or route and HYDRATE!

f) Wearing good running shoes is highly recommended even for those choosing to use


g) We would encourage you to use your own equipment where possible as loaner equipment

and sizes are limited. First come first served. We also do not have access to tactical gear

h) It takes anywhere from 30-120min to perform the climb depending on the method you

choose. Some more common methods:

            a. Regular gym strip or workout clothing

            b. Police or military tactical gear

            c. Firefighter Turnouts

            d. SCBA. With or without turnouts

            e. Highrise Firefighting equipment. 


Your equipment MUST be clean & free of contaminates in order to use it for the climb

Pledge Page

To download a paper copy of the stairclimb pledge sheet:

Event Schedule

  • October 22 10:00 AM MDT - Lethbridge stairclimb

Contact Information

Event Location

Lethbridge Center Tower (east doors by TD bank) 400 4Ave S

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