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2017 Run NS Annual Membership

Road running is for everyone! Run Nova Scotia is here to help communities promote road running though races, expos, and educational programs. Members of Run Nova Scotia help support that effort by participating in road races all over the province and by being ambassadors for the sport every time they lace up.

Run Nova Scotia has members all over the province, of all skill levels, and of all speeds. If you run or love road running, you should be a member of RNS!

Registration fees

Individual Registration Closed

Run Nova Scotia Membership for new and returning members

  1. CA$25.00
    Sep 2 - Oct 2

Perpetual Membership Closed

Must be 65 years old. This buys you a Run NS membership for life!

  1. CA$65.00
    Sep 2 - Oct 2

Family of 2 Closed

Up to 2 Family members residing at the same address

  1. CA$40.00
    Sep 2 - Oct 2

Family of 3 Closed

Up to 3 Family members living at the same address

  1. CA$45.00
    Sep 2 - Oct 2

Family of 4 Closed

Up to 4 Family members living at the same address

  1. CA$50.00
    Sep 2 - Oct 2

Event Schedule

  • December 31 11:59 PM AST - Annual Membership to

Contact Information

Event Location

Nova Scotia, Canada

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