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Name Bib Location Sub-event
Adam Sadler 165 Hammonds Plains, CA 10KM Run
Adam Rowlands 164 Liverpool, CA 10KM Run
Aiden Flynn Dolliver 24 Lower Sackville, CA 5KM Run/Walk (RNS Members)
Allie Duggan 114 Barrington Passage, CA 10KM Run
Amber Jamieson 35 Liverpool, CA 5KM Run/Walk
André Hill West pubnico, CA Youth April 21
Andrea Lohnes 223 West LaHave, CA Half Marathon
Andrea Skinner 168 Halifax, CA 10KM Run
Andrew Hanlon 212 Bedford, CA Half Marathon (RNS Members)
Angela Ross 161 St. Croix, CA 10KM Run
Angela Morgan 47 Digby, CA 5KM Run/Walk
Annie Quinlivan-Hall 235 Halifax, CA Half Marathon
April Wakeham 66 New Maryland, CA 5KM Run/Walk
Arnold Roberston 156 Hansport, CA 10KM Run (RNS Members)
Ashley Buchanan 103 Beaverdam, CA 10KM Run (RNS Members)
Audrey Hiltz Eisnor 34 Chester Basin, CA 5KM Run/Walk (RNS Members)
Barry Morshead 141 Halifax, CA 10KM Run
Ben Costello 111 Halifax, CA 10KM Run
Beth Fraser 204 Canso, CA Half Marathon
Betty Boutilier 5 Chester Basin, CA 5KM Run/Walk (RNS Members)
Bill Wharton 71 Chester, CA 5KM Run/Walk
Bill Roblee 159 Lunenburg, CA 10KM Run (RNS Members)
Bob McCord 227 Dartmouth, CA Half Marathon
Brandy Flynn-Dolliver 25 Lower Sackville, CA 5KM Run/Walk (RNS Members)
Brian Lohnes 39 West LaHave, CA 5KM Run/Walk

Event Location

50 Queens Place Drive, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada

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