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The Herring Run 10/20k trail race

The 2014 Herring Run is held on one 10 km loop, run once or twice depending on your gumption. We have changed the course from the 11k figure 8 loop last year because it was a bit fussy to make sure everyone went the right way. We want it to be easier for the volunteers and easy for the runners so they don't have to think about navigation while working hard and running fast.

It is mostly on single and double track with 2 paved road crossings (one involves running .13 miles on the paved road before crossing and ducking into a 1/2 mile of dirt rd.) The trail runs by two inland ponds and about a 1/2 mile along the rocky shore of Passamaquoddy Bay. (pass-uh-muh-kwoddy) "The pollock plenty place". You even get to cross a good size cove at low tide. Many private landowners have been gracious enough to open up their property for such shenanigans and so we are all grateful to them.

Registration fees

10K Closed

  1. $40.00
    Oct 1 - Aug 11

20K Closed

  1. $40.00
    Oct 1 - Aug 11

Event Schedule

  • August 13 8:00 AM EDT - Check in start

  • August 13 9:00 AM EDT - Check in closed

  • August 13 9:30 AM EDT - Race Start ~ 10 & 20k

  • August 13 11:00 AM EDT - Local and organic luncheon

  • August 13 12:30 PM EDT - Half mile kids race

  • August 13 1:15 PM EDT - Awards and prizes

Contact Information

Event Location

352 Mascarene Rd, Mascarene, NB, Canada

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