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Wanderlust Run


Fullfill your Wanderlust and travel to Fredericksburg, run, get a massage, drink, eat out....let your mind wander and it is only 1 hour away from San Antonio.

Fredericksburg, presents a 13.1, half marathon, 10k, and 5k.  This will take place in the heart of Fredericksburg.  We will start central city.  The half marathon runners will run out to the famous crapapple road, great views and rolling hills in one large loop.  Then back to center city, to be close to restaurants, clubs, shopping, wine, beer and German hospitality.

13.1 8:01am start

10k 8:46am start

5k 9:01am start

Registration fees

13.1 Closed

half marathon

10k Closed


5k Closed


13.1 V Closed

virtual half marathon

10k V Closed

virtual 10k

5k V Closed

virtual 5k

Thank you.

Working on this soon.

Event Schedule

  • March 31 4:00 PM CDT - Packet pick up

  • April 1 6:00 AM CDT - Packet pick up

Contact Information

Event Location

Fredericksburg, TX, United States

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