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Sulphur Springs Trail Races

Non Profit Event for Runners by Runners

Canada's Premiere 200 Mile Race





Participants Guide

Course Map

Course Directions

Practice Runs


We will be holding unsupported practice runs on the course (20k loop) on Sunday 8am

  • February 5 - DONE
  • March 5 - DONE
  • April 2 - DONE
  • May 7 - CANCELLED

Please bring a Twoonie for the conservation area and any refreshments you require and a copy of the course map.


Aid Stations

At roughly 3K, 9K, 12K, 19K of each loop and at the Start/Finish of each 20K lap.
All runners are advised to carry fluid and food.


Registration fees

Mail In Registration


General FAQs

All Races


  • 75% before Jan 1
  • 50% before Mar 1
  • 0% from Mar 1 onwards


  • none


  • none


Other Notes

  1. NO Dogs (service dogs excepted) or Strollers allowed in any event.
  2. Every reasonable attempt to accommodate dietary restrictions will be made but can not be guaranteed. It is each runners responsibility to inform the race directors of any restrictions
  3. All runners are expected to have reviewed the course map and updated participant guide and make themselves familiar with these documents
  4. Race and medical officials have the right to withdraw any runner at anytime if deemed necessary (no refund will be issued)

200 Mile Participants Only

Yes we have qualification requirements for the Sulphur Springs 200mi race

1) Two 100 milers in the past 3 years
- or -
2) One mountain 100 miler (elevation GAIN of more than 6000m/19685ft) in the past 3 years
- or -
3) Special circumstances to be reviewed and approved by the Race Directors

4) Provide a volunteer to the race organisation for a period 4 hours during the race event or pay a supplement of $100

You MUST submit your qualification requirements prior to registering to and send your volunteer information before May 1 or you will face a surcharge of $100.

100 Mile Team Registration

When you select the 100 mile relay option please note that you need to register your full team at once.

Process for registering a relay team:
  1. choose your relay event
  2. enter your name and details
  3. choose a team name
  4. choose the option to register someone else
  5. choose "existing team"  and select your team name
  6. repeat for all members of the relay team
  7. go to payment page to complete your registration


Course And Trail Description

The Sulphur Springs Trail Run takes place in and around the Dundas Valley Conservation Area in the City of Hamilton, Ontario (formerly the Town of Ancaster). This park is managed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority. All race events will take place on a 20K loop consisting of approximately 98% trails and 2% roads within the conservation area. The 10K event will use only the western portion of the loop.

While you are running the Sulphur Springs Trail Run you will be traveling through the beautiful Dundas Valley Conservation Area which is part of the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority park system and includes part of the famous Bruce Trail from Queenston Heights to Tobermory (approximately 900km).

The park is open to the public on race day so be courteous to and aware of other users. This will include runners, bikers, horseback riders and walkers. Bear in mind that you will be running through wilderness and may encounter deer, coyotes, raccoons, skunks and other animals. IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY WILDLIFE, MAKE A LOT OF NOISE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPROACH ANY ANIMAL .

Here are some links to videos on YouTube that may help you visualize the course and how some runners experience race day

Brief Schedule


Wednesday May 24 2017
6PM Trail marking
Thursday May 25 2017
9AM - 1130AM Race Kit pickup - 200 mile solo  ONLY
10AM - 1130AM Pre Race MANDATORY safety briefing and breakfast and check in - 200 mile solo ONLY
12PM (noon) START - 200 mile solo
Friday May 26 2017
12PM - 5PM

Race Kit pickup - 100 mile solo / 100 mile relay / 100k / 50 mile / 50k ONLY

5PM - 7PM

Pre Race MANDATORY safety briefing and dinner - 100 mile solo ONLY

Saturday May 27 2017
5AM - 530AM Race Kit pickup - 100mi relay / 100k / 50mi ONLY
545AM - 745AM Race Kit pick-up - 50k / 25k / 10k
6AM START - 100 mile /100k / 50 mile / 100 mile relay
730AM START - 50K / 25K races
815AM START - 10K
930AM 10K awards ceremony
1030AM 25K awards ceremony
1215PM 10K ultimate CUT-OFF (4 hours)
130PM 50K awards ceremony
200PM 50 mile awards ceremony
330PM 25K ultimate CUT-OFF (8 hours)
930PM 50K ultimate CUT-OFF (14 hours)
Sunday May 28 2017

200 mile loop 15 CUT OFF - must start loop 16 before this time

100 mile loop 7 CUT-OFF - must start loop 8 before this time

12PM noon 200 mi / 100 mi / 100 km / 50 mile ultimate CUT-OFF. END OF RACE
1230PM 200 and 100 mile awards ceremony



More that $75,000 from the proceeds of our Sulphur Springs races have been donated to help support the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

Take a look around you as you run to see the legacy you are leaving behind thanks to your participation in this race.

 Below, the 2013 race director Joe Hewitt is presenting a cheque for $10,000 from the proceeds of the 2013 race. One project this money helped to fund can be seen in the background. This equipment brought in over 20,000 tons of screenings to repair and upgrade many of the low lying areas of the trail.





Interested in sponsoring Canada's largest and oldest trail ultra? 

Contact Tim and Andrea at








Event Schedule

  • May 25 9:00 AM EDT - Race Kit pick up - 200 mile

  • May 25 10:00 AM EDT - Pre-race Breakfast (200 mile runners - mandatory)

  • May 25 12:00 PM EDT - Start of 200 mile

  • May 26 4:00 PM EDT - Race Kit pick up - 100 mile

  • May 26 5:00 PM EDT - Pre-race Dinner (100 mile runners - mandatory)

  • May 27 5:00 AM EDT - Race Kit pick up - 100 mile relay, 100k, 50 mile, 50k

  • May 27 6:00 AM EDT - Start of 100 mile, 100 mile relay,100k and 50 mile

  • May 27 7:30 AM EDT - Start of 25K and 50K

  • May 27 8:15 AM EDT - Start of 10K

Contact Information

Event Location

Morgan Firestone Arena, Ancaster, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Click here to view map