Online registration for the cross-border races is now closed for 2017.

You can continue to register in person for the 10K event on 25 June up until 6:00pm on Saturday 24th. In-person registration takes place at Lubec School Friday 2:00-6pm ET and Saturday 9:00am -  6:00pm.

For full details and periodic updates on our joint Canada-USA cross-border event please go to our website at bayoffundymarathon.com. You can also visit us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter at @fundymarathon.

Please note that you will cross an international border between two countries during the race (except the 10K which stays entirely within the USA). You do not have to stop at the border while running, but you must have a passport or other travel documentation valid for travel in Canada and the USA in order to register and these will be reviewed by border agents before the race.

As a two country event we have two of most things, including registration sites. This is the Canada site. The USA site is identical, except that it accepts payment in US dollars not Canadian dollars. For logistical reasons we prefer Canada based runners to register on the Canadian site and USA based runners to register on the US site. Runners from other countries may register on either site. 

To go to the US site clickBay of Fundy International Marathon - USA site

To stay on the Canada site please continue below.

To see who else is running or check the total number of runners, please be sure to check both sites.

Runners who would like to raise money for charity are encouraged to support our charity of choice for 2017: the Lubec Community Food Pantry. Simply press the donate button on the left side of this page to make a contribution towards helping needy residents with food and clothing.

If you have any difficulty registering please contact Barbara Frazier at info@bayoffundymarathon.com or 207-619-1887

Registration fees

Marathon Closed

Classic two country race: USA to Canada and back without stopping at the borders.

    1. CA$95.00
      Nov 1 - Dec 31
    2. CA$105.00
      Jan 1 - Apr 30
    3. CA$115.00
      May 1 - May 31

Half Marathon Closed

Run the border: start in Canada, finish in the USA.

    1. CA$75.00
      Nov 1 - Dec 31
    2. CA$85.00
      Jan 1 - Apr 30
    3. CA$95.00
      May 1 - May 31

Ultramarathon Closed

Complete 52K Quoddy Head loop from the USA to Canada and back. (7.5 hour cut-off)

    1. CA$95.00
      Nov 1 - Dec 31
    2. CA$105.00
      Jan 1 - Apr 30
    3. CA$115.00
      May 1 - May 31

10K Closed

From the most easterly point in the continental USA to the Lubec waterfront. No borders crossed.

    1. CA$35.00
      Nov 1 - Dec 31
    2. CA$45.00
      Jan 1 - Apr 30
    3. CA$55.00
      May 1 - Jun 22

Borders and Passports

Runners in the marathon, half-marathon and ultramarathon all cross the Canada-USA border multiple times. In order to pre-clear you with the border agencies we need you to provide your passport or other travel document information now. In June you will have to show these documents at both the Canada and USA border crossings in Lubec and Campobello when you pick up your race bib. You will then be waved through the border crossings in the runner lane during the event and will not have to stop.

The 10K is run entirely in the USA and passports are not required, unless you want to cross the border while you are here. You will be required to show photo-ID at bib pick-up so we can be sure you are getting the right bib.

Bay of Fundy Challenge

Run one of our races on 25 June and a 10K or more at Marathon by the Sea in Saint John on 13/14 August to become a “Fundy Runner”.  These are two of the most challenging races on the Atlantic seaboard of North America and both border the magnificent Bay of Fundy – known all over the world for its massive tides, wonderful whales, and sea-level but very hilly marathon courses.

Finishers of races of 10 kms or more in BOTH events will receive a special “Fundy Runner” medal in addition to their normal race medals and awards. Fundy Runner Awards will be assigned at three levels depending on the distance completed:

Gold:     2 marathons

Silver:   2 half marathons, or one marathon and one half-marathon or 10K

Bronze: 2 10K’s, or one half-marathon and one 10K


Runners will be ranked on a published distance and time chart. Rankings will be first by distance and second by time.  For example, the overall champion will complete marathons in both events and may have a cumulative time of 6 hours.  This will rank them higher than a runner completing two half-marathons who has a total time of perhaps 3 hrs 45 mins, etc.

There is no additional cost to run the Challenge.

Timing and Race Services provided by:

Event Schedule

  • December 31 11:59 PM AST - Discounted Registration Ends

  • May 1 12:00 AM ADT - Late Registration Starts

  • May 31 11:59 PM ADT - Registration ends except for 10K

  • June 23 2:00 PM ADT - Bib Pick-up & Border Clearances

  • June 24 6:59 PM ADT - 10K Registration ends

  • June 25 6:30 AM ADT - RACE DAY

Contact Information

Event Location

Campobello Island, NB, Canada

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