2017 Royal Road Race


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Name Bib Location Event Raised
Aaron Popp 165 Regina, CA 10km Run $0.00
Aaron Patton 558 Red Deer County, CA 5km Run $0.00
Abriel Armitage 6 Saskatoon, CA 10km Run $0.00
Adam Strueby 190 Regina, CA 10km Run $0.00
Adrian Reaume 567 Regina, CA 5km Run $0.00
Adrienne Billings 422 REGINA, CA 5km Run $0.00
Aiden Norton 546 Regina, CA 5km Run $0.00
Alexander Kessler 323 Regina, CA Mini Mountie run (10 and under) $0.00
Alexandria Burrell 308 Pilot Butte, CA Mini Mountie run (10 and under) $0.00
Alexis Warren 634 Regina, CA 5km Run $0.00

Event Location

Regina, SK, Canada

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