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Name Leader Members Raised
Not Fast, Just Fabulous Jenny Chi Jenny Chi, Christina Chong CA$1,035.00
Cauc-Asian Ray Singharath Ray Singharath, Ryan Stratton CA$810.50
OMG OMG OMG Danny Ross Danny Ross, Yin Ming Gillespie CA$635.00
Short&Sweet Micheline Allin Micheline Allin, Francine Grabinsky CA$600.00
Wolf Pack Emily Grose Emily Grose, Gabriel Genereux CA$575.00
Chriffanoli Chris McLeod Chris McLeod, Tiffanie Levesque-McLeod CA$525.00
Darcy & Ayrdrie Ayrdrie Nelson Ayrdrie Nelson, Darcy Barry CA$500.00
Femme Fatale Jessica Silva Jessica Silva, Stephanie Alves CA$500.00
Iron Lungs Bob Carter Bob Carter, Jamie Young CA$500.00
Smokey and the Bandit Chad McLeod Chad McLeod, Greg Jaciuk CA$500.00

Event Location

Edmonton, AB, Canada

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