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This is race 2 of 4 of the series.  This is probably the most scenic run.  Don't miss this, you will not believe you are in Texas.  Yes it is an evening run.  Scary becuase it is usually HOT at 5pmish, right?  So why do we do it.  In Texas the humidity is the killer.  We have found through Scienfic review that it is easier on you the runner to run in the evening.  This reduced humidity allows you to run smoother.  This is only true if you can find a shady place to run.  Well, we have that covered.  Come and be amazed at this late afternoon run.  When you finish we will have a dark party waiting for you, and we promise you will not forget this one.

And after, you are half way on your way to training for your half or full marathon season.

Registration fees

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10 mile

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5 mile

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Virtual 10 mile

5 mile Virtual Closed

Virtual 5 mile

Age Deals

If you are 16 and younger we are giving you at 50% discount we want you to also take ownership of the race.  When you finish, if you are able, come to the finish line and help the other runners. Stay and help clean up. You are young and we need your energy to make everything perfect.

Then be an ambassador for running and our running events, help us promote the events and the volunteers where ever you go. And on social media, snapchat, facebook, instagram..etc…

70+ participants will also get 50% off. If you can afford it we request that you make a small donation to marrowmatch. If you can not that is fine. We also ask that you take ownership of these races and help with advice to younger runners to keep them calm and caring.

We want your leadership in our runner community.

Thank you.

Top Donors

# Name Amount
1 Anonymous $25.00
2 Anonymous $25.00
3 Anonymous $10.00
4 Savannah Folse $10.00
5 Anonymous $10.00
6 Anonymous $5.00
7 Anonymous $5.00

Top Fundraisers


Shenesha Daniel

Raised: $20.00


Savannah Folse

Raised: $10.00


Gilbert Weaver

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Event Schedule

  • November 8 9:22 AM CST - Race 2 of 4 is open for 2017

Contact Information

Event Location

10700 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, TX, United States

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