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Name Leader Members
Bank Of America Richard McBride Richard McBride, Rubia McBride, Colin McBride, Alexander McBride, Connie Montana, Camil Brown, Kenny Williams, Doreen Brandon
Bostick Amanda Bostick Amanda Bostick, Isabel Bostick, Michael Bostick, Spencer Bostick
Campbell Family Christine Campbell Christine Campbell, Natalie Campbell
Champions of Health Lolita Lopez Lolita Lopez, Freddy & Dianne McMinds, Freddy & Dianne McMinds, Wilfredo Campos, Donna Goodman
Colby Jack & the Runaway Bandits Colby Jack Gentry Colby Jack Gentry, Nancy Tuttle, Howard Guiberson, Diane Clemens
Craig's Cool Kids Craig Hodges Craig Hodges, Daman Johnson, Crystal Lewis, Desiree Hodges
DREAM TEAM (D=delivering, R=relevant, E=evidence based, A=accessible, M=medical & dental care Tori Cobb Tori Cobb, Adrian Wilson, Mychal Thomas, Victor Diez, Lowan Anderson, Rayon Henlon
DuPont Engineering Steve Barr Steve Barr, Mariella Juhasz, John Bomberger, Fushuang Cui, Greg Wood
Exelon Power Rangers Shadora Johnson Shadora Johnson, Kara Lewicki
Family Dynamics JAMETA Worthen JAMETA Worthen, JANAYDA WORTHEN, Justina Garyeazon, Jane Worthen, JOSE WORTHEN, Frederick Garyeazon

Event Location

Kelly's Logan House, 1701 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19806, United States

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