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Name Leader Members Raised Action
TJ'sTROTTER Join team Laura Engelbrecht Laura Engelbrecht $275.00
Arcanine Olympics Join team Steven Jereb Steven Jereb, Nyla Jereb $100.00
Team Red White and Blue Join team Kelly Oja Kelly Oja, Isabela Sardas $50.00
#TsasWarriorTribe Join team Nicole Hutto Nicole Hutto $0.00
Beer, Buzzed, and Blistered! Join team Christopher Spangenberg Christopher Spangenberg, Megan Piette $0.00
BunchaGreatAthletes Join team Julia Schuster Julia Schuster, Irene Borenstein $0.00
DOC Join team Taylor Haeffele Taylor Haeffele $0.00
F.E.A.R. Join team Mandela Barnes Mandela Barnes, Pat McQuillan $0.00
FALCO Join team Alan Perez-Rathke Alan Perez-Rathke $0.00
Freedom Runners Join team Megan Czarnyszka Megan Czarnyszka $0.00

Event Location

Milwaukee, WI, United States

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