A 9km Family and 40km Marathon paddling race for Canoe, Kayak or SUP on the Big East River in Huntsville, Ontario.

Consider it a warm up to the 24-Hours of River X (June 17-18th 2017) and the Muskoka River X (Sept 15-17th 2017).

Pricing is based on the number of paddlers registered. Register early and save! 

Registration fees

40km Marathon - Solo Closed

40km Marathon - Tandem Closed

9km Rec - Solo Closed

9km Rec - Tandem Closed

Event Schedule

  • May 27 7:30 AM EDT - 40km Pre-Race Briefing

  • May 27 8:00 AM EDT - 40km Start Tandem

  • May 27 8:05 AM EDT - 40km Solo Start

  • May 27 8:30 AM EDT - 9km Pre-Race Briefing

  • May 27 9:00 AM EDT - 9km Start Tandem

  • May 27 9:05 AM EDT - 9km Start Solo

Contact Information

Event Location

Huntsville, ON, Canada

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