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Update!! As of 8 am on Groundhog Day, Sam has made his call. The Groundhog Gamble will be 5 km!!!


Race bibs (and swag if you ordered it) will be available at the Wetlands Centre at anytime after 10 am on Saturday morning!! 


Taking place in Shubenacadie Wildlife Park - home of world famous weather prognosticator, Shubenacadie Sam!! For those unable to make the journey to Sam's place, there is also a virtual option! Register now for a great reason to get out during those cold winter days and participate in a 5km event. it?

What is the Groundhog Gamble?

Funny you should ask! The "gamble" here involves not knowing how far you will actually have to run until February 2nd, when Shubenacadie Sam either sees his shadow or doesn't. If he does NOT see his shadow, then the event is 5km. HOWEVER, if Sam sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, then it means 6 MORE km of running for you! That's right, you MIGHT end up running 11km!!

What's life without a little gamble?

Partial proceeds from the event will be donated to the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, home of Sam and many other incredible animals (and wildlife related programs!!) 

Gamble on Sam's Prediction From Anywhere in The World 

As mentioned, if you can't make it to the park or February 4th doesnt work for you, then our virtual option may be for you! A virtual event is one that can be done anywhere at anytime - in this case, anytime after Sam makes his prediction! Anytime after February 2nd, you can run the required distance on your own or with friends and participate! Partial proceeds from these registratations will also go to support Sam and his friends at the park!


The Course

Hosted by the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, the course will consist of a looped course entirely closed to traffic - but how MANY loops depends on Sam. The route is entirely paved, definitely hilly and as it's winter - may be a little slippery (be prepared!). On your route you may see some of the park's wildlife in the distance, such as caribou or even Shetland Ponies - not something you're likely to see at many other events! 

The virtual course, obviously, depend on you! If you register for the virtual option, you can run your event wherever you'd like on any course - the only thing out of your control is whether or not come Feb 4th (or any date after Feb 2nd that works for you) you will be running 5km or 11km. 

Optional Finishing Medal and Swag

For the first time ever, a @RunAtCan event will have an optional finishing medal. If you don't want a medal or other swag, simply register for the "Bib Only" event. However, if you want a finishing medal and any other goodies from our supporters, register for the "Bib + Swag" event. 


Event Hosts


Race Event Guide 

Shubenacadie Wildlife Park


Registration fees

Shubie 5 (11?) km Run/Walk Bib Only Closed

On Site - Bib Only

  1. CA$25.00
    Dec 2 - Feb 3

Shubie 5 (11?) km Run/Walk Bib + Swag Closed

On Site - Bib + Swag

  1. CA$40.00
    Dec 2 - Feb 3

Virtual 5 (11?) km Run/Walk Bib Only Closed

Virtual - Bib Only

  1. CA$30.00
    Dec 2 - Feb 3

Virtual 5 (11?) km Run/Walk Bib + Swag Closed

Virtual - Bib + Swag

  1. CA$50.00
    Dec 2 - Feb 3

Event Schedule

  • February 4 11:00 AM AST - Groundhog Gamble

Contact Information

Event Location

Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park, Creighton Road, Shubenacadie, NS, Canada and Anywhere!

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