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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Don & Geri Woudstra Haliburton, ON Fundraise Only $4,765.00
Andrea Mitchell Oakville, ON 5K Run $4,100.00
Grace Howe Collingwood, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Youth $2,300.00
Christina Hitch Barrie, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Adult $1,675.00
Trystan Bitten Minden, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Youth $1,270.00
Caitlyn Padgett Whitby, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Youth $525.00
Erin Riviere Lett Burlington, ON Fundraise Only $475.00
Kevin Downes East York, ON 10K Run $350.00
Kathryn Hum Toronto, ON 5K Run $340.00
Ryan Huron Toronto, ON 5K Run $325.00
Scott McCulloch wasaga Beach, ON 5K Run $275.00
Mike Brown Wilberforce, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Adult $215.00
Sarah Ghey Otonabee South Monaghan, ON 10K Run $200.00
Sam Tamman Kitchener, ON Fundraise Only $160.00
Barry Pogson Oshawa, ON Fundraise Only $155.00
Megan Zwart Minden, ON 5K Run $135.00
Emily Austin-Ward Minden, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Youth $100.00
Jamie Morton Haliburton, ON 5K Run $100.00
Cherie McCulloch wasaga Beach, ON 5K Run $75.00
Kristy Wesley Beaverton, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Adult $75.00
Lynn Digiacomo Huntsville, ON 5K Run $75.00
Max Ward Minden, ON 2.5K Walk/Run Adult $75.00
Cody Siderius Brampton, ON 5K Run $55.00
Val Hughes Stayner, ON 5K Run $55.00
Ashley Murray Toronto, ON 10K Run $50.00

Event Location

Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, Haliburton ON

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