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Help Christina raise money

For participating in Miles for Migraine Race - Philadelphia, 2017

My Story…

I'm participating in a walk/run for migraine research! Please consider donating $5 or whatever you can spare. Migraine receives very little research funding, despite the VERY significant impact it has on so many people. A lot of people use the word "migraine" to describe a bad headache, but migraine is actually a serious neurological disorder akin to other brain-related disorders like epilepsy. Besides severe pain, it can cause vision changes, numbness, pins and needles, stroke-like symptoms, tingling, paralysis, speech changes, vomiting/nausea, brain damage (lesions), etc. And there are very few effective treatments available. Migraine ruins lives, and it's time for it receive the attention it deserves in the medical community. This is a very personal issue to me, as I've suffered with worsening chronic migraine for past nine years, and I'm super grateful to anyone who can contribute to the cause.

Donate to help Christina raise money for Miles for Migraine Race - Philadelphia, 2017’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 24 Lisa Weinstein Good luck Christina! $10.00
Aug 30 Anonymous $25.00
Aug 24 Michelle Farrell My husband suffers from migraines. Thanks for doing this. $25.00
Aug 24 Maggie Branca $20.00
Aug 24 Marie Singletary Undisclosed amount
Aug 24 Steven Stern I have had migraines all of my adult life until 2014, when I went gluten-free. That may not work for everyone, but it sure helped me. $25.00
Aug 24 Andrea Savage Thanks for giving migraines the attention they deserve!! $25.00
Aug 24 Alberto Paramo Keep being awesome !! $50.00
Aug 24 Andrew Kim Thank you for doing this. I've had terrible problems as well and am glad that you and others are raising awareness $25.00
Aug 24 Katherine Teti $50.00