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Name Leader Members Raised
BrainBusters Kenneth Brown Kenneth Brown, Lisa Lewandowski, Rachel Lewandowski, Haylee Keen, Rachel Brown, Amy Brown, Sally Rosenwasser, Lori Strauss, Dan Brown, Victor Strauss, Dylan Elgart, Tatum Elgart $4,591.00
Down But Not Out Sarah Ogden Sarah Ogden, Pam Weidman, Jeff Weidman, Kelly Ogden, Cody Ogden, Barbara Ogden, Ed Ogden, Korry Hildebrand $2,345.00
Stephanie's Striders: The Headache Fighters! Stephanie Nahas-Geiger Stephanie Nahas-Geiger $1,775.00
The Imitrex Injectors Angela Wurster Angela Wurster, Karen Ernst, Milessa Wurster $1,537.00
Team Live Love Lenna Mary Lou Viola Mary Lou Viola, Doug Zinser, Rachael Zinser, Ryan Zinser, Lenna Viola, Ava Viola, Joe Viola, Janet Arey, Dave Arey, Samantha Arey, Meghan Arey, Rebecca Arey $1,450.00
The Youngsters William Young William Young, Susan McCrea, Kirstie Stansfield, John Mattessich, Dawn Hadland, Xiaoping Ma, Jane Mieczkowski $1,210.00
Nick's Team Andrea Maier Andrea Maier, Edward Maier, Nicholas Maier, Tom Archut, Denise Archut, Louis Archut $620.00
I Showed Up! Kyleen Stoebenau Kyleen Stoebenau, Joe Stoebenau $525.00
Migraine Misfits Dana Smith Dana Smith, Christopher Smith $480.00
Mind Over Hemicrania Andrea Patton Andrea Patton, Grace Lacorte $405.00

Event Location

120 West Northwestern Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128, United States

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