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Join us for the Patrick 4 Life
Annual Fundraiser
to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS

Patrick 4 Life attracts approximately 900 participants annually.

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What is P4L?

Patrick 4 Life (P4L) AIDS Awareness and Education is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth about HIV and AIDS. 

P4L creates awareness about HIV and AIDS through education, leadership, fund-raising and partnerships.

P4L’s purpose is to provide and facilitate the development and implementation of educational programs and activities designed to equip youth with the skills and knowledge they need to make healthy life-style choices.

P4L’s programs and services include, but are not limited to, the development of educational curricula, programs and the support of teacher training.

Race Routes

Click the links below to view the race route maps:

2K Route

5K Route

10K Route

Half Marathon Route


“We both would like to commend you on a fantastic event.  We have run a number of races, big and small, and really enjoyed every aspect of this event.  The route was fantastic, the volunteers were splendid and the candy at one of the water stations was very appreciated!  The sense of community at this run was outstanding!” (Denise and Jessica)

 See full review from the Deux Crazy Anglophones:

Event Schedule

  • June 4 7:30 AM EDT - Half-Marathon Start

  • June 4 8:15 AM EDT - 10K Start

  • June 4 8:30 AM EDT - 5K Start

  • June 4 10:00 AM EDT - 2K Start

Contact Information

Event Location

Lee Park, Memorial Drive, North Bay, ON, Canada

Click here to view map