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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Young Texans Against Cancer Join team Phuong Tran Valen Chavez, Aimee Kecseg, McKenna Jackson, Erica Stuart, Phuong Tran, Emily McCrone, Tim French, Rupal Patel, Breanne Blazewicz, Caitlin Mitchell, Justin Griggs, De'Quad Binder $1,075.00
Vernonators Join team Zachary Vernon Zachary Vernon, Robert Vernon, Andrew Carruth, Jan Vernon, Jane Kirkpatrick, Robby Cook, Rorey Carruth, John Carruth, Noah Carruth, Annie Carruth, Katie Ann Kirkpatrick, Matt Smith, Erin Price, Steven Price $300.00
Medical City Healthcare Join team Kelsey Vernon Kelsey Vernon, Maggie Crawford, Alex Crawford, Beth Barnhouse, Cindy Taylor, Julie Carroll, F.M. Carroll, Shanna Warren, Ian Warren $205.00
Fastsigns North Central Dallas Join team Nikki Tran Nikki Tran $175.00
Friends of Camp iHope Join team Deborah Echtenkamp Deborah Echtenkamp, Jill Yarbrough $150.00
No one is chasing us Join team Rebecca Wong Rebecca Wong, Ethan Chen, David Chen $125.00
SPANISH HOUSE Join team Jill Engelsmeier Jill Engelsmeier, Dan Engelsmeier, Emma Engelsmeier, Clark Engelsmeier $100.00
Team Blaise Join team Mark Keenan Mark Keenan, Alma Garza-Keenan, Blaise Keenan $100.00
Funky and FIt Join team Natalie Carr Kristin James, Natalie Carr, Dan Carr, Jason James, Andrew James, Aaron James, Shelly Sexton $50.00
Leah's peeps Join team Leah Atwood Leah Atwood, Thomas Heyligers $25.00

Event Location

Trinity Groves, Dallas, TX, United States

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