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Reaching Out Winnipeg

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Reaching Out Winnipeg (ROW) is a program started in 2012 to promote resettlement of LGBT refugees to Winnipeg.  We also provide support and guidance to asylum seekers during the process of being recognized as refugees or appealing deportation.  LGBT people face serious persecution and discrimination in many countries around the world. Few people know how bad it really is. There are many countries with specific laws designed to persecute LGBT people.

Most resettled persons are supported financially abroad while waiting to flee to Canada as they are not allowed to work and have no resources to meet basic needs for food, shelter, medical care, etc. 

ROW operates a website providing basic information for people interested in supporting resettlement. The website also provides information to help sexual or gender minority people who face intolerable persecution through the refugee process.  We receive many email requests for help or advice and always provide a listening ear and compassionate responses to dozens of sexual and gender minority people who face intolerable persecution in their home countries. 


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
May 31 Katie Honek Murp, meep murp murp!!!! Many much of the love to you! $25.00
May 31 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
May 31 Marco Thanks for the water! $30.00
May 31 Madeleine Roger You go girl! $25.00
May 31 kflo Run, Golda, run! $120.00
May 31 Todd Demers $25.00
May 31 chris Pearce $25.00
May 31 Joshua Teynor Your awesome for doing this, As I would never be able to as I lack the Endurance. $25.00
May 31 Carol Weedmark $50.00
May 30 Myles & Julia Sokil Way to go Cindy!!! $25.00