5th Annual Running For the Bulls

benefitting AZK9 (Lost Paws)

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Name Leader Members
Arrowhead Ranch Animal Hospital Runners Join team Darrick Krause Darrick Krause
Barney Bullies Join team Dana Barney Dana Barney, Nick Burchett, Jaclyn Scartz, Chelsea Woodworth-Rolon
Froberries Join team Tomas Frodis Tomas Frodis, Jodie Sprayberry, Oliver Frodis
Lucky and Crew Join team Shelly White Shelly White, Megan White, Kevin White, Lila White
Paddock's Paws Join team Jereme Paddock Jereme Paddock
Rubicon Rescue Join team Rick Steele Rick Steele, Kylie Steele
Squad Join team Austin Bursey Austin Bursey
Team Marin Join team Phillip Marin Phillip Marin, Penny Marin, Valerie Marin, Trent Whitlock, Traci Sikora
Thelma and Louise Join team Brandi Webb Brandi Webb, Todd Webb
Williams Doggie Pack Join team Maureen Williams Maureen Williams

Event Location

Rio Vista Community Park, Peoria, AZ, United States

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