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Name Leader Members Raised
Perdue Family Sheri Perdue Sheri Perdue, Jessica Perdue, Josh Perdue, Len Perdue CA$580.00
Almost There Kendra Hawley Kendra Hawley, Johanna Noble, Solomon Noble, Fay Noble, Joshua Noble CA$100.00
Team GB James Lusby James Lusby, Adam Stewart, Hannah Stewart, Ade Stewart CA$25.00
Eddie and the Jets Shawn Edwards Shawn Edwards, Owen Edwards, Cameron Edwards, Robert Edwards CA$0.00
Team Unbreakable Jane Mawhinney Jane Mawhinney, Susan Dietz, Ally Busby, Derek Ditner, Keegan Quish, Lauren Mawhinney, Jeremiah LeMay CA$0.00
The Greeley's Kassandra Greeley Kassandra Greeley, Mitchell Greeley CA$0.00

Event Location

Neustadt, Ontario, Canada

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