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Take the Lake 5k (18th Annual)

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Name Leader Members
Blue Barracudas Ashley Rhodes
Cancel Cancer Alison Ouellette Alison Ouellette, Cosmo Ciccariello, Caitlin Mancuso
Easier Said Than Run Joan Kwiatek Joan Kwiatek, Kevin Frasca
Goose Bait Ty Harris Ty Harris, Meghan Sommerkamp
Happy Fathers Day Jenelle McNeill Jenelle McNeill, William McNeill
Jack's Team Jack Billiel Jack Billiel
Mal's Pals Drew Mignosa Gregory Mignosa, Colleen Hebert, Colby Mignosa, Annemarie Czarnota, Joseph Czarnota
Optikos Andromeda Huffman Andromeda Huffman, Hillary Balonek, Roy Youman, Yvonne Chao
Orangetheory Fitness Danvers Kristen Lunetta Kristen Lunetta, Stephanie Clarizia, Rebecca Ferrante, Michelle Macchione, Renee Curtis, Patricia Miclon-Crean
Purple JAM Amy Mariano Amy Mariano, Josie Marino, Abigail Mariano, Adam Mariano

Event Location

100 Quannapowitt Parkway, Wakefield, MA, United States

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