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More than a spectator friendly certified marathon, That Dam Hill is also London Ontario’s only ultra marathon timed race. If you register for a timed race, the first 42.2km (26.2 miles) you complete will automatically give you a certified marathon time. And yes, That Dam Hill is a certified Boston Marathon Qualifier!

In addition to the marathon the course is also certified for the following distances: Half-marathon, Marathon, 50km, 50 mile, 100km, and 100 mile.

And don’t worry, the hill isn’t that big. If anything, it’s more of a molehill.

*All fees (either partial or in full) are non-refundable

Registration fees

Half-Marathon Closed

    1. Registration closed

Marathon Closed

    1. $70.00
      Jan 22 - May 31
    2. $80.00
      Jun 1 - Jul 31
    3. $90.00
      Aug 1 - Aug 31
    4. $100.00
      Sep 1 - Sep 14

50mile Closed

    1. $85.00
      Jan 22 - May 31
    2. $95.00
      Jun 1 - Jul 31
    3. $105.00
      Aug 1 - Aug 31
    4. $115.00
      Sep 1 - Sep 14

24 hr Closed

    1. $120.00
      Jan 22 - May 31
    2. $130.00
      Jun 1 - Jul 31
    3. $140.00
      Aug 1 - Aug 31
    4. $150.00
      Sep 1 - Sep 14

Course Map

You start by completing a partial loop which is 1.6755km long. Every loop after that will be a full loop measuring 2.2508km long.

For a certified Marathon time, complete the partial plus 18 full loops.

Course amenities & services

  • Fully stocked aid station every 1.4 miles (2.25 km) including water, bagels, gatoraide and other munchies throughout the race, plus pizza after 3hrs
  • On course bathrooms
  • Chip timing by MCM timing
  • Bag drop off area
  • Lots of space for your own personal station directly on course
  • Lots of free parking near course start/finish area’s
  • Personalized distance, time and lap counter every 1.4 miles (2.25 km)

Race Rules

  • Runners and walkers of all levels of ability are welcome to participate
  • All races start at 8am sharp
  • The course will be open until 8am Sunday (24hrs)
  • All participants will be required to wear a headlamp and reflective gear if running past dusk (approx. 7pm)
  • Awards are for the 1/2 marathon, Marathon, 50mile and 24hr races
  • Participants are only eligible to win an award in the race that they have registered for
  • The course is a certified 1.4 mile (2.2508km) loop, and is certified for the half-marathon, Marathon, 50km, 50 mile, 100km and 100 mile distances
  • When you reach one of the above distances during your race, you will automatically receive a time for that race as well
  • If you want to get to one of these distances, then keep running after your distance race and just tell the timer on the way by that you are running longer. The course will be open for 24 hours.
  • All the different distances will be recorded on our web page and with MCM Timing.
  • All marathon times will also be listed with
  • The course is all set up for setting PB's and Canadian age groups records, or for just having a fun day doing a long training run.

*All fees (either partial or in full) are non-refundable

The course is open for 24hrs, and we will have certified splits for the half-marathon, Marathon, 50km, 50 mile, 100km and, if you’re fast enough, the 100 mile distance as well.

Event Schedule

  • September 15 4:00 PM EDT - Packet Pickup @ Runners Choice: 207 Dundas Street

  • September 16 7:00 AM EDT - Packet Pickup @ Springbank park (stone cottage)

  • September 16 8:00 AM EDT - Race Start

  • September 17 8:00 AM EDT - Course closes

Contact Information

Event Location

Springbank Park, 1085 Commissioners Road West, London, ON, Canada

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