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Keuka Lake Relay Rally 2017
Your Team * Your Route * Your Adventure

Presented by Bond Financial Network

 Sunday, September 24th, 2017 

 For Runners:  Join us for a unique running event- a cross between a relay and a road rally.  Gather up your team members, set your own route, hit the check-points, and return to the starting point for a post-race picnic.

Unlike other runs, YOU organize your team and YOU set your route.

See a road that's a shortcut but has a steeper hill?  Make the climb or choose an alternate route.  This is the only race that lets YOU decide where you'll run and how many miles each team member will run.

Teams are comprised of 3-8 individuals, with at least one runner on the ground at all times.  How you break up the legs of the race between your teammates is a decision for YOU to make.

Along the lake you'll have 5 checkpoints to hit.  Stop in to each checkpoint and continue your journey the approximately 45 miles along beautiful Keuka Lake. 

Finish back at Keuka Lake State Park for a post-race cook-out along the shores of Keuka Lake.

Registration fees

Post-race picnic Closed

Non-runner passes for picnic

    1. $10.00
      Jan 1 - Aug 31
    2. $15.00
      Sep 1 - Sep 23

Relay Closed

Relay Team Member

    1. $50.00
      Jan 1 - May 31
    2. $55.00
      Jun 1 - Aug 31
    3. $60.00
      Sep 1 - Sep 19
    4. $65.00
      Sep 20 - Sep 23



1.  Pick your teammates.  3-8 members constitutes a team.

2.  Pick a team name.

3.  Have your teammates register under that name.

4.  Get together.  Pull out a map.  Set your route.  Decide what roads you're going to take, assign runners to the legs you determine, and get excited.  This is the only race that YOU have ever been allowed to determine how you reach the finish line.  (Don't worry- if you don't want to map out your own route we've provided a few samples for you under the "Team Routes" section).

Running teams must have at least one runner on the road at all times.

Teams must stop at each of the five checkpoints to "check in" during the event.

Water and food are NOT provided along the route, please plan accordingly and carry water, food, etc. in your team vehicle.



1.  If you are cycling alone, sign up as a single biker.  If you are cycling with a team (3 or more cyclists), sign up as a bike team and select a team name.

2.  The biking start for the event is at 10am.  The route around Keuka Lake is marked, but like the runners you are free to "choose your own route" as long as you circle the lake in a counter-clockwise fashion and stop at your checkpoints.

3.  There are only two checkpoints for the biking option- Chaplain Beach in Hammondsport and Keuka College.  You MUST check in at these two checkpoints along your ride.


Water and food are NOT provided along the route, please plan accordingly and carry water, food, etc. with you.


Checkpoints are an important part of the event.  You MUST hit the following checkpoints as you make your way around the lake (counter-clockwise):

-Keuka Lake State Park (start and finish)

-West side- Steuben Brewing Company (10286 Judson Rd, Hammondsport)

-Champlin Park in Hammondsport

-East side - Rooster Hill Vineyards (489 NY-54, Penn Yan)

-Keuka Outlet Trail  (Boat Launch at Corner of Water & Keuka Streets, Penn Yan)

-Keuka College (Keuka Park Rd., Keuka Park)

When you reach these checkpoints you must check in with the volunteers at that checkpoint. 

For Cyclists:  You only need to check in to checkpoints #2 and #5!  (Although our volunteers will happily greet you at the other checkpoints if you want to stop in and say hi!)


Looking for a little more guidance on the route?  Try this basic route. 

Please note that we have purposely avoided running along Rt. 54A(West Lake Rd.)  This road is EXTREMELY narrw (at places there is not even a shoulder) and auto traffic is very fast along this stretch.  This   Play it safe at take the high road (trust us, the high road is a lot prettier- AND you'll be on course to hit your first checkpoint!)


This route can be found on Mapmyrun here:

*Please note:  Runners are expected to follow "rules of the road"- staying on the shoulder of the road, running against traffic, and stopping at all intersections for safety.*


Looking for a little inspiration?  Check out these pre-planned routes for 5- and 7-person teams.

5 Person Map

7 Person Map

The route will also be marked with signage to help your team with turns and directions.  As a reminder you do not have to follow the set route, but it's there to make things easier on you in case you want to follow it!


My team just ran 45+ miles.  What's in it for us?

For starters (and most importantly!), you're helping raise money for the Arc of Yates, serving disabled members of our community through programs in the Yates County area.  Programs include:

-residential homes

-day habilitation

-Keuka Lake School for pre-school and UPK-aged children

-Keuka Lake Enterprises matching capable and trained individuals with local employers

-DRIVE college experience program in partnership with Keuka College and Penn Yan School District

-Community Support Services, assisting individuals in gaining access to the services they need to remain independent

-SkylArc Studio encouraging individuals to harness their creative side

You'll also end the day with these items:

-long-sleeved tech tee

-finisher medal

-post-race picnic at Keuka Lake State Park. 

For the picnic we'll provide the basics:  hot dogs, hamburgers, plates, utencils, and drinks.  You bring your own side dishes for your team to enjoy.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this event possible: 

This event is presented by:



We are grateful to our sponsors:








What constitutes a team?

A team consists of 3-8 individuals. 

How do we break up the route?

We leave that totally up to you.  You can split it evenly or give a stronger runner more miles to complete.  Just as an example, if you had a team of 6 runners, each runner would run twice- with lengths of 3-4 miles each time. 

How do you declare a winner/how do you prevent cheating?

There is no monetary prize, and therefore no reason to cheat.  The entire race is on your honor.  This event is about having fun with your teammates and enjoying the beautiful views along Keuka Lake.  It's not about "winning."  Will we still post the finish times?  Absolutely!  You can definitely use it for bragging rights!  But don't forget to enjoy the gorgeous views (or even a quick stop into a winery?) along the way.

Do we have to run in a certain direction?

Yes, you have to run counter clockwise around the lake.  This is both for safety (there are less intersections as you are running against the flow of traffic in this direction) and for timing (our checkpoints will only be open for specific periods of time. 

Is there a rain date?

We are not able to set aside a second date for this event in event of rain.  If the weather doesn't cooperate, remember to bring a dry set of clothes.  We'd also remind you to use caution (and stay in your car) if there are severe storms.  Additionally, we will not ship your swag if you're a no-show. 

How are starting waves assigned?

When you register each individual will be asked to submit their "average" pace.  We'll use these numbers to add up an average pace for your team- and assign you a starting wave.  The estimates will help everyone to arrive at Keuka Lake State Park for the post-race picnic between 4:30-6pm.  Dinner will be served from 5-7pm, so we'll do our best to estimate a finish time for your team.

Are there port-o-potties along the route?

Not for this year.  As a first year race we are not able to invest in port-o-potties at every checkpoint (but we'll keep this in mind for next year if we hear feedback that they are needed!).  We can tell you that there will be bathroom facilities at Keuka Lake State Park, Champlain Beach Park, and the Keuka Outlet Trail.  If you choose to follow the Keuka Outlet Trail from Checkpoint #4 to the little league fiels on Rt. 54A, there are also port-o-potties located there.

What if we are slower than anticipated?

You'll want to be in the park by 6pm in time to get your finisher medal and enjoy some dinner.  Not to mention you'll want to be off the roads before dark!  If you're running behind (checking in at Keuka College after 5:45pm will not get you to the finish line in time) gather up your team your car and proceed to the park by 6pm. 

What if we are faster than anticipated?

Although we'll try to have our volunteers at their assigned check-points ahead of time, there's a chance that if your team is REALLY fast you'll beat them to the checkpoint!  If this happens we ask that you give us a call during the race and then continue on your way.

Can we change our runners/legs of the race mid-race?

Absolutely!  As long as there is always one runner on the ground we don't care how you divide up the miles to make your trek around the lake.

What if a team member backs out?  Can we transfer registrations?

Yes, you can submit transfers yourself by logging back in to this website.  But please note- if it's any closer than 3 weeks prior to the race we can't change the t-shirt size requested by the initial registrant. 

Have another question?  E-mail us at

All Registrations include 2017 Arc of Yates Membership.


Save $5 on the following races when you register!  (Discount Code is provided after registration is complete)


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Event Schedule

  • September 24 8:00 AM EDT - Registration

  • September 24 9:00 AM EDT - Starting Waves

  • September 24 4:00 PM EDT - Post-Race Picnic

Contact Information

Event Location

Keuka Lake State Park, Pepper Road, Bluff Point, NY, United States

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