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This is a CPU sanctioned event. 2016 CPU cards are required for all lifters and are available to purchase on-line at The CPU follows the anti-doping rules and regulations of the WADA code. Please refer to the CPU Constitution regarding anti-doping policies. (

Registration fees

Regular Closed

Regular and Bench Closed

High School Closed

Special Olympian Closed

Bench Only Closed

Event Schedule

  • May 26 2:30 PM ADT - Weigh In

  • May 26 4:30 PM ADT - Lifting Begins

  • May 27 6:30 AM ADT - Weigh In

  • May 27 8:30 AM ADT - Lifting Begins

Contact Information

Event Location

Crossfit Exertion, Symonds Road, Bedford, NS, Canada

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