Venus de Miles Illinois 2017

Women's bike ride and 5k run


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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Adriana Perez Chicago, US 25-Mile Ride Fundraiser $300.00
Agatha Panait Chicago, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Alexandra Coffee Chicago, US 5k Run $0.00
Alissa Rissman Highland park, US 25-Mile Ride Fundraiser $450.00
Allison Renaud kenosha, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Allison Rabin Deerfield, US 60- Mile Ride Fundraiser $220.00
Alma Torres Chicago, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Alyson Dayton Lake Zurich, US 5k Run $0.00
Amanda Stronczek Chicago, US 5k Run $0.00
Amanda Robinson Pleasant prairie, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Amor Logan Arlington Heights, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Amy Miner Rockford, US 5k Run $0.00
Amy Lichtermanm Skokie, US 25-Mile Ride $0.00
Amy Hopfinger Chicago, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Amy Zajakowski Chicago, US 25-Mile Ride $0.00
Anastasia Lazarou Northbrook, US 25-Mile Ride $0.00
Andrea Larsen Libertyville, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Andrea Cosnowsky Lombard, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
ANDREA Cutting Lake Forest, US 25-Mile Ride Fundraiser $250.00
Andrea McGargill Lake Zurich, US 5k Run $0.00
Angela Paros Lemont, US 25-Mile Ride $0.00
Angelina Montleon Hanover Park, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Angie Lindsey Libertyville, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00
Anita Diaz Glencoe, US 25-Mile Ride $0.00
Ann Sokol Brookfield, US 60-Mile Ride $0.00

Event Location

Glen Rowan House, 500 N Sheridan Rd, Lake Forest, IL, United States

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