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DogRunnin Dryland Challenge
Canicross | Bikejoring | Scooter

Join DogRunnin and Club DogRunnin in Truro NS to kick off the Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports dryland race series. This event will take place in Truro Parks Recreation Culture's beautiful Victoria Park(FEAR NOT - our race routes are at the top of the park, and while there are some hills, you don't have to climb the full park!) 

Where: Victoria Park (William Barnhill Extension off the top of Young Street)
When: Saturday June 10th, 2017 

The following race classes are being offered:
5.5km 1 Dog Canicross (Sanctioned)
5.5km 1 Dog Bikejoring (Sanctioned)
5.5km 2 Dog Scooter (Sanctioned)
1.5km 1 Dog Canicross (Discovery)
1.5km 1 Dog Bikejoring (Discovery)
1.5km 1 Dog Kids Canicross

5.5km Race route:
This route is a fairly wide and varied cross country trail. You'll cover dirt road and wooded trail in a loop with lots of room for safe passing without meeting any teams head on. The trail is very obvious, though the race course will be well marked.

1.5km Discovery Route:
This route utilized both covered wooded trails and trail through wide open fields. Primarily crusher dust this trail is also in part dirt road and wooded wilderness trail. 

Registration: Below
***Registering for more than one race class? Recieve 50% off your registration fees for each additional class you enter! ***

Schedule (subject to change)
7:00am: Late registrations and handing-over of bibs, equipment checks 
7:50am: Briefing for 5.5km race routes
8:00am: 5.5km Bikejoring Start 
8:45am: 5.5km Scooter Start
9:30am: 5.5km Canicross Start
10:30am: Briefing for the 1.5 km race routes
10:30am: 1.5km bikejoring start
11:00am: 1.5km canicross & juniors canicross ctart
11:30am: Prizes 

All participants are to be on site by 7:00am for registration and equipment checks. Required Equipement: 

Dogs: All dogs MUST be in a harness designed for running and pulling. Dogs must be 12 months of age for events 5km or longer. Dogs must be 10 months of age to compete in events up to a distance of 2km. 

Canicross: A canicross belt & bungee line is strongly recommended though any hands free running leash will be acceptable. The distance from the competitor's abdomen to the base of the tail of the dog must be at most 2 meters, when tight without elongation. However, the recommended distance is 1.70 meters.

Bikejoring: The dog is permanently attached to the bicycle by a bungee line where the distance between the front of the handle bars and the base of the dog's tail is at the maximum of 2.45 meters, when tight without elongation. However, the recommended distance is 2.20 meters. Wearing a helmet is compulsory for the cyclist; the bicycle must be a mountain bike, equipped with mountain bike tires capable of going off road and must have brakes capable of immobilizing the team.

Scooter: This discipline is practiced by one or two dogs. If the team consists of only one dog, the competitor must ensure that his dog is sufficiently fit to travel the distance and, if necessary, assist more. The organizer can refuse a one dog team if he considers it not adequate or the terrain too difficult. When the team is composed of two dogs, the dogs are Permanently by a bungee line, the distance between the front of the Direction and base of the dog's tail furthest is a maximum of 2.45 Meters, when stretched without elongation. However, the recommended distance is 2.20 meters. The scooter must not have a motor, must be equipped with stubbed tires capable of going off road, and must have brakes powerful enough to immobilize the team. Dogs must be connected by a neckline. 

This race is sanction by and their for the rules of Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports in alignment with the requirements of the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports. Participant Race Rules:

Registration fees

1.5km Canicross Closed

1 dog

5.5km Canicross Closed

1 dog

1.5km Bikejoring Closed

1 dog

5.5km Bikejoring Closed

1 dog

1.5km Kids Canicross Closed

1 dog

5.5km Scooter Closed

2 dog

Event Schedule

  • June 10 8:00 AM ADT - 5km Bikejor

  • June 10 9:00 AM ADT - 5km Scooter

  • June 10 10:00 AM ADT - 5km Canicross

  • June 10 11:00 AM ADT - 2km Bikejor

  • June 10 11:30 AM ADT - 2km Canicross

  • June 10 11:30 AM ADT - Kids Canicross

Contact Information

Event Location

Truro, NS, Canada

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