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Rockwood By the Bay Triathlon
Subaru East Coast Triathlon Series

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Dear Athletes,

Please join us for the annual Rockwood By the Bay Triathlon on Sunday June 25th, 2017!

Continue reading for more details:


Events include:

-Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run)

-Sprint Duathlon (2.5km run, 20km bike, 5km run)

-Sprint Aquabike (750m swim, 20km bike)

-Super Sprint (375m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run)

Age requirement/Waivers/Rules:

-Min age requirement for Sprint Distance events is 16 (as of December 31st, 2017)

-Min age requirement for Super-Sprint distance is 14 (as of December 31st, 2017) 

-Waivers must be signed by all athletes or legal guardian if the athlete under the age of 18

-All athletes must present a government issued ID with photo and Date of Birth

-All athletes are responsible for understanding the competition rules of triathlon:


Event Details:


-Registrations closes Friday June 23rd at 8:00 PM 

-Event is capped at 150 registrants (register early as event sold out last year)

-Race swag hoodies guaranteed until May 19th (limited numbers of each size available)

-Early bird registration available until Sunday April 30th at 11:59 PM

-Early bird pricing is $60

-Regular pricing from May 1st to June 23rd is $70

-Race registration fee is non-refundable

-Please bring a donation for the Saint John Animal Rescue League to fill the Subaru 

-Volunteers are needed on race day - spread the word to friends & family to sign up!


Event Schedule:

6 am Registration/body marking opens

6 am Transition Area Opens (racers must be registered and body marked to enter)

7 am Registration/body marking closes

7:15 am Transition Closes for ALL events

7:30 am pre-race briefing (for sprint distance events)

8 am sprint/du/aquabike start

8:30 am pre-race briefing for super-sprint

9 am super-sprint event starts

11:00 awards ceremony/closing

Race Course

-It is the athletes responsibility to understand the race course

-Maps of the race course will be provided on race day

-Swim will be in Lily Lake, Bike will be an out-and-back, Run will be in Rockwood Park

-View the 20KM bike route here:

Description of the 5km run route here:

 Sprint and Duathlon 2nd run (Red Map). 5km

- Head North from Lily Lake, past the campground until you come to the large parking area
- Enter the "Clean Air Trail". This is a 700m loop. Keep to the left, then exit at the same parking lot again.
- Turn right and head toward Fisher Lake, keeping to the left of the traffic circle. You will pass the water stop, and continue around the back side of the traffic circle.
- Keep left on the Loop Road (with all the flags).
- Follow this road AROUND the Fisher Lake Parking Lot. You will see where to turn left into the parking lot
- Continue around Fisher Lake by the AFrame canteen and bear left and you will come back to the water stop.
- Head south back toward Lily Lake.
- On the right side of the traffic island you will enter the "Arboretum/Trans Canada Trail"
- A series of left turns will bring you down to Lily Lake. A left turn on Lily Lake trail will bring you around the north end of the lake and you will see the Pavilion and the finish line!


Description of the 3.0k route here:

- Head north from Lily Lake, past the campground until you come to the large parking area
- Enter the "Clean Air Trail". This is a 700m loop. Keep to the left, then exit at the same parking lot again.
- Turn right and head toward Fisher Lake, keeping to the left of the traffic circle. 
 - At the water stop, TURN AROUND
- Head back to the parking lot and bear right, continue back down past the campground and straight to the finish line (supersprint)
- DUATHLON FIRST LAP - continue through the finish line (no timing mat), down the ramp, across the deck to the beach, up the grass knoll and into transition T1 via "SWIM IN"

View the 10k route here:


-Top 3 overall winners (m/f) for Sprint, Duathlon, & Super-sprint

-1st, 2nd & 3rd age group winners (m/f) for Sprint Triathlon only

-1st place aquabike (m/f)

-All finishers will receive an East Coast Games medal

-Draw prizes 

-Swag includes a hoodie and other surprises



We couldn't host this event without our sponsors!

Aberdeen Subaru 

Human Performance Centre

Consolvo Bikes Saint John

Atlantic Super Store Rothesay Avenue

Canada Games Aquatic Centre 

Nicole Arrand Exit Realty

Hammer Nutrition

Inside Out Nature Centre

Northumberland Dairy


For your reading pleasure and to help reduce the risk of athletes receiving a penalty or a disqualification, please review the common do's and don'ts of triathlon:



It’s about Safety, Fair Play & Respect


read the latest International Triathlon Union (ITU) rules


verbally or physically abuse volunteers or officials, it is not acceptable nor allowed. They are volunteering their time so that you can experience a safe and fun race.


read the advance race information and listen to race briefings on race day.  It’s the athlete’s responsibility to know the course.


cross or come near any timing mat prior to the start of the race when you are in possession of your timing chip.


set up your transition gear under the front wheel of your bike, and only the width of your handlebars.  Leave your coffee machine at home; no buckets, boxes, stools, water basins, bags or any other item that will crowd transition. Do not mark your spot. No person shall interfere with another racer’s equipment or impede the progress of another racer.


ride your bike in transition zone (TZ).


wear the race swim cap.  If you are allergic notify the Race Director /official.


unfasten your helmet at any point during the race until your bike is racked in transition zone (TZ).


wear your fastened helmet when in possession of your bike.


ask or accept assistance during the race, no assistance other than that offered by race and medical officials may be used.


cover your torso on the bike and run parts of the race.  No nudity allowed.


draft or block competitors during the race. Keep on the right hand side at all times; alert cyclists of your intention to pass by saying “On your left”. Do not cross the yellow line.


follow the course as set by the Race Director (RD); no short cuts allowed.


litter!  All personal belongings and equipment taken out onto the course must stay with the athlete the entire race. No headphones, headsets, mobile phones or any other electronic communication devices etc. can be carried or worn at any time during the race.


have lots of fun and enjoy every moment.  Race Happy from TriNB.


Registration fees

Sprint Triathlon Closed

Registration closed
  • 750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run

    1. CA$60.00
      Apr 2 – Apr 30
    2. CA$70.00
      May 1 – Jun 24

Duathlon Closed

Registration closed
  • 3km Run, 20km Bike, 5km Run

    1. CA$60.00
      Apr 2 – Apr 30
    2. CA$70.00
      May 1 – Jun 24

Aquabike Closed

Registration closed
  • 750m Swim, 20km Bike

    1. CA$60.00
      Apr 2 – Apr 30
    2. CA$70.00
      May 1 – Jun 24

Super-sprint Closed

Registration closed
  • 375m Swim, 10km Bike, 3km Run

    1. CA$60.00
      Apr 2 – Apr 30
    2. CA$70.00
      May 1 – Jun 24

Event Schedule

  • June 25 6:00 AM EDT - Registration/Transition/Body Marking Opens

  • June 25 7:00 AM EDT - Registration Closes

  • June 25 7:15 AM EDT - Transition Closes

  • June 25 7:30 AM EDT - Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon/Aquabike Pre-race Briefing

  • June 25 8:00 AM EDT - Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon/Aquabike Race Stat

  • June 25 8:30 AM EDT - Super-sprint Pre-race Briefing

  • June 25 9:00 AM EDT - Super-sprint Race Start

  • June 25 11:00 AM EDT - Post Race Awards

Contact Information

Event Location

Lily Lake, Saint John, NB, Canada

Click here to view map