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Bean There Ran That Yarmouth Marathon June 11, 2017

A Boston Qualifier


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Name Location Sub-event
Alice Belliveau Meteghan river, CA 10K
Alicia Wheatley Yarmouth, CA 5K
Allister Surette Glenwood, CA Half Marathon
Amanda Levy-Pye Yarmouth, CA 5K
Amber Griffin Stittsville, CA Half Marathon
Andie Hiltz Wellington, CA 5K - 12 & Under
Andrew Pace Yarmouth, CA Relay
Andy Hamilton Yarmouth, CA 5K
Andy LeBlanc Arcadia, CA Half Marathon
Angela Saulnier Rockville, CA Half Marathon
Angelle Jacquard Wedgeprot, CA 10K
Arnie Goodwin CA Relay
Arthur Doucette Hebron, CA Relay
Ashley Corkum Yarmouth, CA Relay
Barb Hamilton Yarmouth, CA Half Marathon
Boston Aldred West Pubnico, CA 5K - 12 & Under
Brooke Cunningham Yarmouth, CA 5K - 12 & Under
Bryan Hipson Sandford, CA 10K
Caiden Swindall Yarmouth, CA 5K - 12 & Under
Carol Arthurs Yarmouth, CA 5K
Cassidy Nauss Yarmouth, CA 5K - 12 & Under
Chad Brannen Yarmouth, CA Relay
Chelsea Atkinson Pubnico, CA Relay
Cheyenne Burke Yarmouth, CA 5K
Chris Surette Yarmouth, CA Relay

Event Location

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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