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My Story…

I've had migraines and headaches for 20 years. For about 18 of those years, I managed them with medications and knew my triggers. Almost two year ago, my headaches started to turn more and more frequent and, more often, they would turn into full blown migraines. (There is a difference.) Now, my diagnosis is chronic daily migraine with and without aura, status migrainosus. That means I have some level of pain almost every day and often a full blown migraine for periods of days at a time. I can no longer pinpoint my triggers; everything is a trigger! In these past two years, I’ve tried nearly everything that my doctors and I feel are reasonable treatments. I’m quickly running out of options. There is hope. I and millions of other people with migraine (38 million to be exact) are waiting on a new class of drugs to be approved (CGRP antagonists), the first developed specifically for migraine. We're also working to raise awareness and funding for further research. Can YOU help?

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Recent donors

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Jul 03 Brianna Lovett $25.00
Jun 29 Elizabeth Willis Undisclosed amount
Jun 29 Fran & Bob Good luck, Beth! $100.00
Jun 29 Anne Weisel Love you Bethie! $50.00
Jun 28 Elizabeth Catron Undisclosed amount
Jun 28 Ann Chiang0 Hope this helps a bit for research to find ways to treat migraines - especially the full blown ones that you suffer. $50.00
Jun 27 Kathy Besaw Undisclosed amount
Jun 27 Nancy Orologio Besaw Glad to help you meet your goal. $15.00
Jun 27 Susan Fitzpatrick $50.00
Jun 26 Ed & Carolyn Whelan $25.00