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Ryder Hesjedal's Tour de Victoria Volunteers
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Join the Harbour Air Volunteer Crew for the 7th Annual Tour de Victoria on Sunday, August 20, 2017.

Become an integral spoke in our wheel by volunteering with us.

Since the Tour’s inception in 2011, more than 2,000 volunteers have become the force that produces one of the best-known cycling events in North America. By joining our crew, you’ll become one of the nearly 400 volunteers it takes to give our cyclists their best day in the saddle. Our volunteers are the most valuable assets we have; you are the eyes, ears, hands and feet on the ground.

No cycling experience necessary.

We promise you’ll have fun, make new friends, and feel the pride of being the force that produces the 7th annual Tour de Victoria.

Register yourself or your whole family, for one or more positions or shifts, and become an integral spoke in our wheel.


What You'll Receive

Our Harbour Air Volunteer Crew receives:

  • Entry to win a return flight, Victoria - Vancouver, from Harbour Air Seaplanes
  • Meal and Spinnaker's beer, cider or non-alcoholic drink at Finish Line
  • Secure bike parking while volunteering us
  • Limited edition hand designed Tour de Victoria T-shirt!


Pre-Event Preparation

Dates: August 13th, 16th & 18th

Location: Trek Bicycle Store Victoria (338 Catherine Street)

Do you like to organizing and preparing things? Or are you riding and want to be part of our event behind the scenes too? We have something for everyone in our Pre-Event Preparation. This area includes preparing the Rider packages, or sorting and packing the Aid Station’s & Start Line’s food and equipment, or putting up pre-event signage. Please note: for pre-event signage, heavy lifting and using power tools is part of the fun.


Rider Check-In

Date: Saturday August 19th

Location: Trek Bicycle Store Victoria (338 Catherine Street)

Join the TDV team as we welcome all the riders and get them ready for their big ride. Volunteers will be helping riders get their plates and sign waivers, helping them with their merchandise or assisting with last minute registrations.


Ride Marshals

Date: Sunday August 20th

Location: Various locations around Greater Victoria

Our Ride Marshals are the most visible ambassadors of our event! The first thing our riders boast about as they cross the finish line is the tremendous support and enthusiasm from our Ride Marshals. Positioned along the route, the marshals are there to ensure the cyclists in the event have a safe ride. You'll be directing cyclists to stay on course and providing information for motorists and the public about road closures.


Ride Support

Date: Sunday August 20th

Location: Various locations around Greater Victoria

Our Ride Support team consists of our Course Barricade Team and Shuttle Service volunteers. Our Course Barricade team will be assigned to a specific area of the course to put up and take down the barricades. These rock stars must be able to lift up to 10lbs repeatedly, like the idea of closing roads around Greater Victoria and have one member of the team hold a valid drivers licence. Shuttle Service volunteers will assist the Challenge Riders and their bikes onto their shuttle to the Sidney Start. Lifting and mobility needed for both positions.  


Downtown Start & Finish

Date: Sunday August 20th

Location: Inner Harbour on Belleville Street

The Downtown Start & Finish Area (a.k.a. Event Hub) is the start of our Epic and Legend rides and the finish line for all distances. Sign up for the early bird, morning or afternoon shift and on event day your Captain will work with you and the team to ensure all the roles are filled. Roles and tasks include: Start Line Set-Up and Support, Food & Beer Area, Finish Line Welcome Team, Recovery Zone, Kids Ride, Kids Zone, Merchandise Booth, Take Down and much more.


Sidney Start

Sunday August 20th

Location: Sidney Pier, Sidney, BC

On your mark, get set, GO! This is where all the excitment is! The Christie Phoenix Challenge Start Line volunteers will help with various tasks such as assisting riders into the start chute, set-up and take down, bag check and shuttles.


Aid Stations

Date: Sunday August 20th

Location: Various locations around Greater Victoria

The Aid Stations are areas where the cyclists have an opportunity to take a short break, replenish their food & liquids and answer the call of nature. Volunteering at these stations provides a great opportunity to interact with some of the riders. In addition to providing a welcome distraction from the ride, you will be responsible for set up, food & beverage preparation, keeping supplies available to riders and take down.


Post-Event Assistants

Date: Monday August 21st

Location: Trek Bicycle Store Victoria

We're always excited the day after the ride, but there's still work to be done. Our Post-Event Assistants help us clean, sort and store equipment & signage and wrap up any loose ends. This is a great opportunity to learn how things run behind the scenes.

Event Schedule

  • August 18 5:30 PM PDT - Volunteer BBQ & Training

  • August 19 9:30 AM PDT - Rider Check-In

  • August 20 7:00 AM PDT - Harbour Air Epic Start

  • August 20 8:30 AM PDT - Trek Victoria Bicycle Store Legend Start

  • August 20 10:00 AM PDT - Christie Phoenix Challenge Start

Contact Information

Event Location

Victoria, BC, Canada

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