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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Erma's Gang Join team Erma Freemont Johnnie Stephens, Erma Freemont $1,825.00
Team Freemont Dental Join team Joi Freemont Joi Freemont, Phyllis Johnson $1,155.00
Team On Fire Join team Gwen Williams Gwen Williams $100.00
Team SSI Join team Amber Goldwire-Wade Amber Goldwire-Wade, Brittannee Jones $100.00
Hot Wings and Jambalaya Join team Julian Stephens Julian Stephens, Nicole Stephens $50.00
Time To Dine Join team Lucille Heusner-Wilkinson Lucille Heusner-Wilkinson, Erin Holsey $50.00
DIVAS ON THE MOVE Join team Maxine Williamson Maxine Williamson, Pethral Daniels $25.00
New Praise Christian Center Join team Stephanie Johnson Stephanie Johnson $25.00
TEAM JP Join team Roger Payano Roger Payano, Chris Jones $25.00
The Lions Join team Jonathan Freemont Jonathan Freemont $25.00

Event Location

Grant Park, Cherokee Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, GA, United States

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