Brainsport will be hosting a Summer Tune Up Course for that Fall Half or Full Marathon with coache Pat Somerville.

Join coach Pat Somerville as he fine tunes your running skills through the summer months for a Fall Half or Full Marathon..

For 14 weeks starting on Tuesday, June 6 through to Sept.5, 2017 Pat will give you the skills and training to excell in your Fall race.  Whether you are doing a Half or Full Marathon you will absolutley enjoy this group of experienced and not so experienced runners.  You will have opportunity to learn from and encourage your fellow Run Course members.

This Run Course will be best suited for those who are able to run for at least 45 minutes straight.  This course will have some high intensity training night where you will be pushed well beyond your comfort level which in turn will bring you to a new level of running you may not have thought possible.  Join Pat and tune up your running, you will surprize yourself at what you can accomplish.  

If you follow the program Pat will set out for you, you wil work hard but you will excell. 

This course will be held at Brainsport on Tuesday nights at 6pm. There will be no speaker presentations for this course but with the warm up excercises and cool down along with workout you should plan on close to 2 hours. 



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Half & Full Marathon Course Closed

Summer Tune Up

10K & Half Marathon Closed

Summer Tune Up

Half & Full Marathon Tune-up

Coached by Pat Sommerville, this will be a great interactive training course.  Training with like-minded athletes, Pat will set up a training program to guide you towards your  goal.  Pat is a very experienced coach and competitive runner.  Pat has coached a number of Run Courses through the Run Academy and is known for his coaching technique and ability to help you reach your mark.  This will be a Tuesday night 14 week intense training course.  Geared for those already running well and want to stay motivated and in training mode for the summer months.

Training will run Tuesday nights, 6pm at Brainsport June 6/17 to Sept 5/17.

Event Schedule

  • May 9 1:00 AM CST - Pat Somerville Summer Tune-up Half & Full Marathon

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Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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