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Long Lake Lap Dog
A Multi Lap Canicross Race at Long Lake Provincial Park

Join us in Halifax for a unique race on the newly completed trails of Long Lake Park. Every team will race multiple laps for a total of 6km and the combined time for the laps of each participant will determine the winner. 

Registration fees

3x2 canicross Closed

Every team will have the opportunity to race the 3km route twice. The first heat will determine seeding for the second heat.

Discovery Class Canicross Closed

This 2km route is the ideal length for puppies 10 months of age or older as well as senior dogs or those looking to try a canicross race for the first time.

Event Schedule

  • September 9 8:00 AM ADT - Canicross 3x2 Lap 1

  • September 9 9:00 AM ADT - Discovery Class

  • September 9 9:30 AM ADT - Canicross 3x2 Lap 2

Contact Information

Event Location

Long lake 5km trail parking lot, Halifax, NS, Canada

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