"So short....ANYONE can do it!"

This short, fast and very exciting triathlon is the best opportunity to try the sport of triathlon for the first time. It is a great team building exercise and lots of fun.

Everyone is Welcome!


Registration Fees

Mixed Team Closed

2 Men & 2 Women - 4 x 200M Swim, 5K Bike, 1K Beach Run

All Male Team Closed

4 Men & 0 Women - 4 x 200M Swim, 5K Bike, 1K Beach Run

All Female Team Closed

0 Men & 4 Women - 4 x 200M Swim, 5K Bike, 1K Beach Run








How it Works

1. All teams MUST have 4 members

2. You must have two(2) Female members and two(2) Male members for the Mixed Team Race

3. You must have four(4) male members for the All Male Race

4. You must have four(4) female members for the All Female Race

5. Each team member will have to complete a 200m swim/5km bike/1km run before tagging to their team member

6. Fastest team to finish in their category will be crowned the champion, but everyone is a winner

7. ITU Race Rules apply

8. Senior Team - The combined USAT Age of all members must be greater than 159 years

9. Junior Team - The combined USAT AGE of all members should be less than 73 years

USAT AGE - Your age on the 31st December of the racing year
Swim will be held as close to the shore as possible, bike course has one hill and the run course is along the beach





Click Here to see the 2016 Race Results:

Event Schedule

  • November 5 5:30 AM AST - Team Check-in

  • November 5 7:00 AM AST - Race Start

  • November 5 9:00 AM AST - Awards

Contact Information

Event Location

Las Cuevas Beach, North Coast Road

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